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Attorney Max Kinman – Fighting for Those Who Fought For Us

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When Your Career Finds You

Making a difference in someone’s life. For the special kind of attorney, that is what’s truly important. Maxwell Kinman is one of those attorneys. While he didn’t set out on his career path to assist our country’s veterans, one of his first professional jobs was at a law firm that worked in veteran’s law. Out of that, a passion was born – helping out and fighting for those who fought for us. 

Since that modest introduction to the space, Max has become a force in the VA benefits space. He has represented over 1,000 veterans and their family members through various levels of the court process, including oral arguments before the Court of Appeals. 


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Going the Extra Mile for Veterans

Representing veterans during a crucial stage of their benefits claims is just part of the story for Attorney Kinman. He has also volunteered his time for the betterment of the veteran community. This involves presenting at numerous Continuing Legal Education programs to VA law professionals. 

One of his proudest accomplishments in VA law is being a founding member of “Project Rise Above,” a non-profit organization that’s cause is helping veterans who have been charged with criminal offenses succeed in their court cases. He has numerous successful examples of changing lives through this program.

What Civille Did for AWK Legal

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Attorney Max Kinman found Civille through a mutual interest in the veterans legal space at the National Organization for Veterans Advocates show in his home base of Cincinnati. He wanted to set up a separate site that focused just on VA law – and the results have been stunningly clear. 

In 18 months, call volume has increased tenfold, and the firm has added an attorney to deal with the influx of cases. The proudest moment of the partnership happened recently, as Attorney Kinman did somo pro bono work for someone who was owed benefits, but was about to lose their home and didn’t understand the process. They found him through the website, and due to his work, they were able to avoid becoming homeless. 

We’ve seen roughly 400% growth in 16 months, 99% of which I attribute to Civille.

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