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SEO For Law Firms: What You Need to Be Successful in Search

Most law firms know what SEO is. Many firms even invest in some form of SEO. But only a select few make a meaningful investment in SEO that provides ROI for the firm.  It’s easy to see how this happens. Attorneys understand the need to optimize their site and be found in search. But there… Read more

Local, Paid Advertising

Boost Your Law Firm Lead Volume With Local Service Ads

Every law firm wants to know the secret ingredient to more traffic and more leads for their website. The problem is, more traffic and more leads are dependent on many things. You could have all the website traffic you want, but if your site is outdated, slow, or your brand reputation isn’t great (or not visible), people won’t convert. And on the contrary, if you have a great-looking website and law firm brand but aren’t focusing on bringing in traffic or the right traffic, you’re either missing out on leads or throwing money out the door.  Read more

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8 Things to Improve Page Speed for Your Law Firm Website

Page speed is pretty self-explanatory on the UX side. If a page on your law firm website takes a long time to load (especially on a mobile device), that can be a frustrating experience for the user. A faster website gets the information quicker to the user, increases page views, reduces bounce rate and increases conversions (phone calls and form leads). A slow website increases the likelihood of the user leaving your law firm website and going to a competitor law firm.  Read more


Why You Need to Optimize Your Law Firm’s GMB

Law firm websites are a core piece of what we do. We know how much value a quality website has for a law firm.

But if a solid website is priority 1 for a law firm’s online presence, the Google My Business (GMB) listing is 1a. The reason is pretty simple. Read more


Top Goals to Implement in Google Analytics for Your Law Firm’s Website

What goals should I be implementing in Google Analytics (GA) for my law firm? Do I have the right conversion goals set up? These might sound like silly questions if you’re not new to Google Analytics, but surprisingly, many law firms aren’t tracking everything they should be or they don’t have things set up correctly. Read more

Branding, Design

Why Branding Matters in the Digital Landscape

When it comes to websites, much of the focus is placed on performance, for good reason. Performance helps you rank on Google, which helps more prospective customers find you. More people on your site will usually convert into more business. But what happens when you have plenty of inbound traffic but conversions are trailing behind?… Read more


Why Does My Law Firm Site Have So Many Errors?

You are being audited. This phrase can invoke fear in anyone. Knowing that it’s a WEBSITE audit we’re talking about takes a little bit of weight off. But for your firm, the contents of the audit may hold the keys to instant improvement. Read more


Introducing Civille: The Digital Connection of People + Attorneys

People are hurting in today’s world. The American dream isn’t always a reality. But in this country, we have a legal system that was created to level the playing field. And a profession that helps push that promise – lawyer. Our favorite lawyers stand up for those that are downtrodden. The construction worker, being refused… Read more

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