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Does My Law Firm Need a Case Management System?

Does my law firm need a case management system? This is an interesting question and one that might be difficult to answer for some law firms. For others, it might be a painfully obvious “Yes!” while you are wondering why there is even a debate about the topic. Here are a few factors to consider when making the decision for your law firm.  Read more


How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Inbound Lead Quality

If you’re a law firm struggling with low quality leads, especially those coming directly through your website or marketing efforts, you’re not alone. Many small law firms don’t have the resources to manage a large intake of inbound leads.  And even those that do have the resources, often spend a lot of time on those… Read more


Don’t Lose Your SEO When Launching a New Site

Law firms utilize their websites in different ways. For some, the website is a critical cog in their lead acquisition, and they have invested effort in SEO and paid search (in addition to functionality) to make it that way. For others, the site is more of a brand legitimizer for potential clients who come in… Read more

Product Releases

Product Release: Civille Law Forms

Contact forms on law firm websites aren’t something new. Every firm has them, and most will tell you that the value behind them isn’t extraordinary. In fact, on average 74% of leads from a law firm’s website are generated from calls, text messages, or chat. And most firms will also tell you that the quality… Read more


The Devil’s in the Data. Keep it Clean for Your Law Firm

In the modern business environment, we increasingly see firms using a complex web of tools and systems to gain efficiencies. It is a trend that we have seen repeated over the past few decades in multiple industries but seems only to be accelerating at breakneck speeds.  Acquisitions are rampant right now as companies look for… Read more

Product Releases

Product Release: Civille Chat Tool for Law Firms

Chat tools have been positioned by many as a necessity for law firm websites. And while they certainly have their purpose, it’s essential to understand your specific purpose when deciding whether to implement one on your site. The structure of your law firm will speak to the UI and UX of your chat tool –… Read more

Branding, Design

How to Take a Headshot You Can Use on Your Law Firm’s Website

Taking a headshot can be stressful. You’re usually your own worst critic. And those issues are compounded if the photos aren’t shot in a way that allows you to use them throughout your website and social media pages. Below are a few helpful tips to get the most out of your next photo shoot. Bring… Read more


10+ Steps to Secure Your Law Firm’s Website

Your law firm’s website is one of the most important online assets you have. For most of your clients and potential clients, it’s the first thing they experience when interacting with your brand and firm. In developing communication and trust, it’s crucial to not only have a good looking (and working) website, but one that is also secure for you and your visitors. Your design, page speed, content, and everything else is important for your firm’s success. But the root of your success starts with the #1 problem you may be overlooking–your law firm’s website security. Read more


SEO For Law Firms: What You Need to Be Successful in Search

Most law firms know what SEO is. Many firms even invest in some form of SEO. But only a select few make a meaningful investment in SEO that provides ROI for the firm.  It’s easy to see how this happens. Attorneys understand the need to optimize their site and be found in search. But there… Read more

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