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  • Optimizing Your Law Firm's Conversion Rate Starts With Analytics

    Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Conversion Rate Starts With Analytics

    Your law firm’s website is easily one of the most important pieces to your business. It’s your virtual billboard, your virtual receptionist, and so much more. Having a solid website should be at the top of your list when it comes to your digital presence.  Making a solid website successful, on the other hand, has… Read more

  • gmb is now gbp

    GMB is Now GBP – And Still Vital for Your Firm

    With Google, change is the only constant. Those of us that have lived in the SEO world are used to this. We learn and adjust. Last month, Google announced one of these many changes – this time a name change to one of its most influential products. Just as we’d settled in making GMB a… Read more

  • Should My Law Firm Have a Microsite?

    Should My Law Firm Have a Microsite?

    A website is an important part of any business. For law firms, your website serves multiple purposes. It’s your virtual billboard or front door. Your site is where first impressions are made and more often than not, where they can be lost. It’s where customers and potential customers alike go to find information and resources…. Read more

  • civille featured 2021

    A Look Back at 2021: Entering the Legal Space

    Civille was born in January 2021. But we didn’t come into the world completely green (teal?) in the legal space. Prior to 2021, we had some experience and connections in legal but weren’t solidly committed to entering it. That changed as 2021 kicked off as we went all-in. Almost a year later, it’s amazing how… Read more

  • law firm digital marketing in 2022

    Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

    End of the year is always a good time to reflect on not only your accomplishments at your law firm, but things you could do better. Regardless of how successful or unsuccessful you were in 2021, it’s important to look back and start thinking about strategies and improvements as you head into the new year. This article takes a closer look at digital marketing strategies you need to focus on in 2022. Read more

  • your website leads are bad your site is bad

    Your Website Leads are Bad Because Your Website is Bad

    If your law firm website leads are bad, it’s because your website is bad. Cause. Effect.  This is not the time to talk around the issue and make the case (excuse) that you are a “different” type of firm that doesn’t need good website leads. We’ve heard it all. You work off of referrals. You… Read more


  • How To Boost Your Law Firm’s SEO

    Most law firms know that SEO is important. But many fail to take the necessary steps to prioritize their SEO efforts. It’s understandable though, SEO can be a beast to understand and manage. That’s why we’ve broken it all down for you to help you prioritize the right things, build a solid foundation, and develop ongoing strategies to improve… Read more

  • How To Bring in More Quality Law Firm Leads

    No matter the size of your law firm, prioritizing quality leads should be the number on thing on your list. You need quality leads to thrive and grow your business. And in today’s digital age, it has become even more important that you deploy strategies that not only get’s your name out there, but in… Read more

  • How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Page Speed

    Is your law firm website struggling to convert users? Do you have a high bounce rate on mobile devices? Are you struggling to rank on Google? While there may be many factors at play, one of the biggest reasons why your law firm site may be losing visitors and struggling to rank on Google could… Read more


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