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  • Best Social Media Topics for Lawyers

    Best Social Media Topics for Lawyers

    Are you a lawyer or do you represent a law firm? Then we hope you are working on your social media feeds. Having a great social media strategy is going to be a significant boon to your law firm’s business but what are the best social media topics for lawyers? Luckily, Civille can help! Build… Read more

  • Logo Design for Law Firms

    Logo Design for Law Firms

    Design + Branding / By Bowen HobbsA logo’s job is to communicate your brand, whether you’re selling shoes, French fries, or legal services. Great logos become symbols for a brand’s promise, sometimes to the point where the name can be removed due to the symbol’s ubiquity. How does this relate to law firms? While most… Read more

  • How to Start a TikTok as a Lawyer

    How to Start a TikTok as a Lawyer

    So, you’ve decided to launch on TikTok. It’s a new frontier, a social platform like no other. One that pushes brands and companies to center themselves and show the people behind the curtain. Gone are the days of hiding behind a Twitter handle or carefully curated Facebook feed. TikTok is the latest in infotainment for… Read more

  • how to write an effective lawyer bio

    How to Write an Effective Lawyer Bio

    At Civille, we talk a lot about content marketing. The reason being is we not only love doing it, but it’s also an extremely important part of any website, including law firm sites. Having valuable, unique, and engaging content throughout your law firm site is necessary in 2022, especially when it comes to search engines…. Read more

  • Who Are the Most Successful Pro Bono Lawyers in America

    Who Are the Most Successful Pro Bono Lawyers in America?

    In the world of law, there are many different practices that lawyers can go into after they finish law school. While there are over 21 options to choose from, pro bono work is one that many lawyers find to be extremely important. Although some lawyers may do a pro bono case here and there, there… Read more

  • Who are the Richest Lawyers in America

    Who are the Richest Lawyers in America?

    Want to know which lawyers made it big? Who are the richest lawyers in America in 2022? We have a top five list, but be sure to stay tuned for some honorable mentions at the end for some interesting inclusions. 1. Jerry Reinsdorf—$2 Billion Reinsdorf is a lawyer, but that’s perhaps not what he’s most known… Read more


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