Civille Select Partner Program

Many Civille Customers are Mutual Clients of Civille Select Partners

What is a Civille Select Partner?

Civille Select Partners (CSPs) are generally (marketing) agencies or consultants that render services for lawyers or legal firms. CSPs use Civille to fulfill some or all of the services that they contract with their clients.

Why become a Civille Select Partner?


CSPs are able to do more with less.

For example, if you are a marketing agency that wants to engage a firm to optimize and manage their Google Business Profile and write weekly blog posts for them… BUT you don’t have the resources or bandwidth to maintain that recurring service… you can – as a CSP – contract directly with your client and outsource the recurring work to Civille.



CSPs make more money.

You have a client or prospect that needs a lot of help… but you’re hesitant to load the proposal up with everything you think they need because you’re already strained elsewhere. As a CSP, you can remove constraints and tailor your services to precisely what you feel to be best for your client. You sell all the services you feel your client needs and limit the scope of your work.

The amount of money you make varies based on reseller vs referral agreements (see below). Please contact us and we’ll be happy to review specifics on a call.



Make your customers and clients happy.

We’re experts in what we do. CSPs are happy partners because their clients are thrilled with the results we deliver on their behalf. Just look at some of the success stories.




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How Does it Work Exactly?

There are two ways to function as a Civille Select Partner; as a Referrer, or as a Reseller.


Referrers do not bill the client for the services rendered by Civille.

Referrers simply connect their clients to Civille and receive commissions and/or revenue share for the referred business. Referral arrangements are most appropriate for:

  • Agencies or individuals who do not sell marketing services (e.g. an accountant)
  • Agencies or individuals who prefer to be more “hands-off” (e.g. do not want to “manage” the marketing services or set up new line items on their invoicing)


Resellers bill the client directly for services rendered by Civille.

Civille then bills resellers at “wholesale” prices. Reseller arrangements are most appropriate for:

  • Agencies or individuals who want to maximize their margins. By serving as the perceived administrator of the service on Civille’s behalf, you assume responsibility for “account management,” thus reducing operational burden on Civille, allowing us to offer more aggressive wholesale pricing to you.
  • Agencies or individuals who sell similar or relevant products/services. (e.g. a marketing agency that already offers, say, content development or Google Business Profile optimization… and simply wants to offload the management of these services for a particular account)

Hear From Our Clients

  • Tabak Law

    Tabak Law has been a Civille client for over a year and has seen exponential growth thanks to a great website and effective marketing plan for SSDI, Veteran’s Benefits, and Worker’s Compensation.

    • 92% increase in YoY Organic Traffic
    • 36% increase in YoY Organic Leads
    • 17% increase in YoY Paid Search Leads
    • Google Business Profile Top Positioning

    Tabak Law has been working with Wes and the team at Civille for over a year and we continue to see impressive results. It is apparent that the entire team cares about their clients and take their work seriously.

    Alex E. Eichhorn
    Alex E. Eichhorn
    Partner / Attorney
    Tabak Law
  • AC Rieman Law

    Attorney Amanda C. Rieman, Esq. broke away from the large firm world to start her own practice, focusing on uncontested divorce. She wanted to personalize her brand and connect with potential clients that needed assistance.

    • Personalized Site Design
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Increased MoM Organic Traffic and Leads
    • Google Business Profile Top Three Positioning

    Civille is a reliable and effective partner – if you have a question, they have the answer. What I love most is that they don’t apply a cookie-cutter or “one size fits all” approach; they work with each client to develop and individualized plan that works for any business and/or budget.

    Amanda Rieman
    Amanda C. Rieman, Esq.
    AC Rieman Law
  • Veterans Law Attorneys

    Attorney Maxwell Kinman wanted a custom website that specialized in one area that his firm handles – veterans benefits. The result is a site that has paid big dividends for that area of the firm.

    • Custom Practice-Area Site Design
    • 10x Call Volume in 16 Months
    • 400% Organic Traffic Increase
    • Google Business Profile Top Positioning

    My law firm has seen roughly 400% growth in 16 months, 99% of which I attribute to this company.  I can’t think of anything that has been more effective to utilize as an attorney.  100% recommend.

    Attorney Maxwell Kinman
    Maxwell Kinman
    AWK Legal

How Do I Become a Civille Select Partner?

Get in touch with us and we can iron out specifics and get you a contract.

Please understand that we have the right to refuse issuing partnership agreements to anyone. We hope you appreciate that we are selective about who we certify as partners!


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