100 Best Law Firm Websites | 2024 Web Design Winners

100 Best Law Firm Websites | 2024 Web Design Winners

Your website is the digital face of your law firm. In 2024, it’s not enough to simply have a website – it needs to stand out visually, deliver a seamless user experience, and strategically attract the right clients. As the legal landscape becomes increasingly competitive, a well-designed website can be the key to success.

That’s why we’re diving into the Top 100 law firm websites of 2024. But hold on – we’re not just focused on pretty designs! We’ll analyze the hidden factors that make these websites work: lightning-fast page speeds, mobile-first optimization, and search engine mastery.

Remember, a stunning website can fall short if it takes too long to load or doesn’t show up in search results. We’ll give you insider tips on how to go beyond appearances and create a website that truly drives your firm forward.

The 100 Best Law Firm Websites of 2024

1. A. Burris Law

a burris law

Why We Like It

The website’s clean design and intuitive navigation make it easy for entrepreneurs and creatives to find the information they need, mirroring the streamlined legal support provided by A. Burris Law. The integrated contract shop adds an extra layer of convenience, empowering users to proactively address their legal needs.

2. Vela Wood

vela wood site

Why We Like It

Vela Wood’s website delivers a polished and user-friendly experience. Its clean design and intuitive navigation make exploring the site effortless. The tasteful integration of video enhances the presentation, while readily accessible client examples and resources demonstrate the firm’s value.

3. Mark Harford Law

Mark Harford Law Firm Website Homepage with City Skyline and Text

Why We Like It

The Mark Harford Law website strikes a balance between professionalism and approachability. The use of a bright orange color scheme throughout the site adds a touch of warmth and personality, while the black and white tones and clean layout maintain a sense of professionalism. The prominent landscape image is a nice touch that adds visual interest and helps to create a sense of place.

4. Robins Kaplan

robins kaplan site

Why We Like It

The Robins Kaplan website effectively positions the firm’s experience and areas of law front and center. The homepage prominently features the firm’s 85 years of experience, which instills confidence in potential clients. Additionally, the call to action buttons encourage users to explore the firm’s areas of practice and past case results, providing a clear path for users to learn more about how Robins Kaplan can help them.

5. Bick Law LLP

bick law site

Why We Like It

Bick Law effectively grabs attention with its hero image. The use of photography is creative and immediately establishes a professional and modern aesthetic. It’s worth noting that the hero image doesn’t appear to adapt for mobile viewing, which could potentially detract from the user experience on those devices. The website incorporates clear and concise expandable menu items that effectively introduce the firm’s core competencies. 

6. Griffith Barbee

griffith barbee

Why We Like It

The Griffith Barbee website effectively portrays the firm’s expertise in intellectual property law. The use of clean, professional design elements and clear language lets you know this is a high-end firm. The website also makes it easy for visitors to get in touch with the firm, offering interactive forms throughout the site and a chat option.

7. Ryan Law

ryan law

Why We Like It

The Ryan Law website effectively conveys its focus on innovation. Beyond the prominent “Innovative” text on the hero banner, the design incorporates unique visual elements that distinguish it from typical law firm websites. The clean navigation and color scheme further enhance the user experience.

8. Attolles Law, S.C.

Civille 100 Atolles Law

Why We Like It

Attolles Law is a different kind of law firm. It says it right in the copy and is abundantly clear with the site design taking local Wisconsin inspiration into account. If you are going to practice a unique area of law, it would be a real miss to not make the website stand out from the back. Attolles is right on target. 

9. Centonzio Law

Civille 100 Centonzio Vets Rep

Why We Like It

Working with our nation’s veterans on their benefits is an extremely honorable cause. Working in our nation’s colors is almost a given. Those standards can make it tough for veterans’ benefits websites to stand out from each other. Centonzio Law does a great job highlighting its lead named attorney and using design elements to do something new. It also has valuable tools like benefits calculators embedded within the site.

10. Stanchieri Family Law

stanchieri site

Why We Like It

Stanchieri Family Law presents a clear message of guiding families through difficult times. The website’s design reflects this focus, with serious imagery and a clean, professional layout. The seamless scrolling function also ensures a smooth user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

11. Brassel Law

Brassel Law screenshot

Why We Like It

Brassel Law caters to the specific needs of clients in the entertainment industry, such as recording artists, producers, songwriters, influencers, and other creative professionals. In addition to its user-friendly design and targeted content, the Brassel Law site is also well-optimized for search engines and boasts impressive loading speeds. They round out their online presence with a growing blog that provides valuable insights for their target audience.

12. The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard

bernard oui defense

Why We Like It

The website’s strategic use of video, coupled with its wealth of information on the firm’s experience, creates a sense of trust for potential clients. This approach demonstrates the firm’s expertise and commitment to clear communication.

13. Adams IP 

adams ip

Why We Like It

Intellectual property law often involves high-stakes business assets for innovative clients. Adams IP’s website mirrors this with a clean aesthetic and intuitive information sections. This design choice speaks to a clear understanding of their tech-savvy clientele and the need for streamlined, easily accessible information.

14. Saxton Law Firm

saxton law firm

Why We Like It

Saxton Law Firm’s website exudes both professionalism and a commitment to empowering clients. The design is clean and assertive, inspiring the confidence that comes from knowing you have a strong, capable advocate in your corner.

15. Law Offices of Justin L. Mason

Civille 100 Justin L Mason Law

Why We Like It

Incorporating video can always be a risk, as that much movement can be tough to work into a website theme. The Law Offices of Justin L. Mason website does a great job staying right on theme with a very local-focused and serious video that feeds into the entire brand. There are also some nice case-win call-outs to prove legitimacy.

16. Alan Burton Newman

alan burton newman

Why We Like It

The Alan Burton Newman website’s unconventional design makes a strong first impression. Whether you find the aesthetic appealing or not, it effectively conveys the firm’s willingness to challenge the status quo. This choice might resonate with some visitors, while others may prefer a more conventional aesthetic, but it is a breath of fresh air in legal website design.

17. Hollingsworth PLLC

Civille 100 Hollingsworth

Why We Like It

It’s immediately clear that families are going to find a lawyer who gets them when coming to the Hollingsworth PLLC website. If you deal with elder care and more sensitive practices – and you have a family of your own – why not highlight who you are? This site understands its messaging perfectly.


jhpii site

Why We Like It

The simplified homepage design could be a strategic advantage for JHPII. Clients facing complex legal situations may appreciate the clarity and lack of clutter. It establishes a sense of efficiency and accessibility, a clear starting point for seeking help.

19. BAS Lawyers

bas lawyers site

Why We Like It

Website design should reflect your target audience. BAS Lawyers demonstrates that sometimes users need upfront, detailed information. Their text-heavy approach caters to clients seeking in-depth legal explanations.

20. Coskrey Law 

Civille 100 Coskrey Law

Why We Like It

The headshot alone is powerful on the Coskrey Law site. It screams professional, tough, yet trustworthy. Making that a centerpiece, and putting deliberately placed accents of color that make it clear this is a veterans’ benefits firm make this a standout site on the list. 

21. Modern Law

modern law site

Why We Like It

“Modern Law” isn’t just a name; it’s a brand promise. This website reinforces that promise with a modern aesthetic. Its sleek design, custom photography, and thoughtfully arranged homepage demonstrate a commitment to innovation and accessibility.

22. Kerkman & Dunn

kerkman and dunn site

Why We Like It

Kerkman & Dunn’s website effectively communicates professionalism and expertise, reflecting their focus on serving larger corporations and businesses. The design is clean, straightforward, and easy to navigate, ensuring a positive user experience for potential clients.

23. White & Case

white & case

Why We Like It

The White & Case website blends a clean, straightforward design with thoughtful navigation features, creating a welcoming experience for visitors. The attorney search bar is a particularly useful tool, empowering potential clients to proactively explore legal professionals that align with their needs.

24. Foot Anstey

foot anstey

Why We Like It

Foot Anstey’s website demonstrates excellent use of color and design elements. Their color palette is both professional and inviting, guiding the user’s eye smoothly down the webpage. Despite offering a wide range of services, the site’s layout presents information in an easily understandable format.

25. Fortman Spann Law Firm

Civille 100 Fortman Spann Law

Why We Like It

Going with purple and pink as primary colors can be a gamble and has the risk of looking gimmicky, even if that isn’t your thing. The Fortman Spann Law Firm website does a wonderful job of mixing them in with the perfect amount of subtlety. The result is a nice looking site that has some great color accents that help draw the eye – and conversions. 

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26. KLC Law Firm

klc site

Why We Like It

KLC Law Firm’s self-proclaimed modernity and dynamism are reflected in their website’s seamless user experience. The sleek design, paired with intuitive interactive elements, guides the visitor effortlessly through the site, mirroring the efficiency one would expect from a forward-thinking firm.

27. Hamra Law Group

hamra law group

Why We Like It

Interestingly, Hamra Law Firm contrasts its smaller size with a website that exudes confidence and a big-city feel. This strategy highlights their focus on delivering impactful results in the competitive legal landscape of New York City.

28. McLeod Law

mcleod site

Why We Like It

McLeod Law doesn’t utilize photos of their team or building on their homepage, but instead uses powerful imagery to convey a message of trust and expertise. This unique approach creates a distinct look and feel that resonates with the user.

29. The Lincoln Law Firm

Compass on Landscape Background with White and Gold Text

Why We Like It

The Lincoln Law Firm stands out with its focus on family law and its client-centered approach. The website emphasizes Christine K. Lincoln’s personal touch in guiding clients through the legal complexities of divorce and child custody while safeguarding their assets.

30. Collins Law Firm

Civille 100 Collins Law Firm

Why We Like It

Leaning into your geographic location is always something that appeals to your audience. Collins Law Firm’s site has a very localized hero image and a great headshot of the lead attorney. The site also has a great-looking logo and colors that are really pleasing to the eye, making the visitor comfortable – which is perfect for an estate planning law firm website. 

31. Roberts Zatlin Family Law Firm

Map and Binoculars with Text on Roberts Zatlin Family Law Firm Website Homepage

Why We Like It

The Roberts Zatlin Family Law Firm website establishes a strong, distinctive brand. The homepage’s zoom feature adds a dynamic element, reflecting the firm’s forward-thinking approach. The color scheme and unique visuals evoke stability and sophistication, while the practice area links and the menu guide visitors effortlessly through the site.

32. Denver Family Lawyers

Denver Skyline with Blue Border and White Text of Denver Family Lawyers Homepage

Why We Like It

The Denver Family Lawyers website presents a visually appealing first impression. The captivating image of the Denver city skyline immediately establishes a sense of place, grounding the firm in its local context. The use of a vibrant color scheme adds energy and a welcoming feel, while the prominent calls to action guide visitors towards seeking assistance. The integrated chat feature offers immediate accessibility, suggesting a client-focused approach.

33. AC Rieman Law

AC Rieman Law Homepage with Woman on White Background with Text

Why We Like It

The AC Rieman Law website warmly welcomes visitors with a prominent image of Attorney Amanda Rieman Sarago, establishing a personal connection. Clear navigation, informative content, and a well-designed logo enhance the user experience. The eye-catching image links to practice areas invite further exploration, making it easy for potential clients to find the help they need.

34. Kraayeveld Family Law

Boy Reading Map with Orange and White Text for Kraayeveld Family Law Homepage

Why We Like It

The Kraayeveld Family Law website makes a strong first impression with a compelling primary image set against a dynamic blue and orange color scheme. The design conveys both clarity and warmth, while prominent calls to action and a simplified menu invite visitors to take the next step with ease.

35. Randal Lowry & Associates

Rhino on Landscape Background with Bright Text for Randal Lowry and Associated Homepage

Why We Like It

The Randal Lowry & Associates website greets visitors with a powerful combination of a compelling image and a direct tagline: “Divorce can be tough, but so are we!” This immediately establishes the firm’s understanding and experience. Clear navigation and well-integrated SEO content ensure a seamless user experience.

36. Tabak Law

Civille 100 Tabak Law

Why We Like It

It’s difficult to incorporate two different main practice areas into a website and make it obvious to a visitor that they are in the right place. Tabak Law does an excellent job providing two paths for the user right away – SSDI and VA Disability. The use of color and images also makes the design very clean and inviting. 

37. Carvajal Law

Carvajal Law Homepage with People at a Table and Text

Why We Like It

The Carvajal Law website demonstrates a strong grasp of marketing fundamentals. The bold tagline – ‘Effective. Affordable. Fast.’ – makes a powerful first impression. Combined with a visually appealing layout and clear calls to action, it successfully engages potential clients. The integrated on-site SEO content and easy-to-use menu structure further boost the site’s visibility and accessibility.

38. Fresh Legal

Blue Background with Orange Slices on Fresh Law Homepage

Why We Like It

Fresh Legal’s homepage showcases strong branding. The vibrant color scheme, distinctive logo, and unexpected orange imagery create a unique and memorable visual identity. This sets the firm apart and hints at its fresh, client-centered approach to the law.

39. Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group

Woman and Childe with Text on Website Homepage of Women's Divorce and Family Law Group

Why We Like It

The Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group website makes a strong first impression. Its design combines a visually striking hero image with a dynamic tagline that clearly communicates the firm’s focus. The prominent call-to-action button is user-friendly, and the image collage provides a visually engaging way to guide visitors to specific practice areas.

40. Hoffman Walker & Knauf Attorneys at Law

Hoffman Walker and Knauf Attorneys at Law Website Homepage with Legal Team

Why We Like It

The Hoffman Walker & Knauf Attorneys at Law website excels at building trust by showcasing their attorneys prominently. This humanizes the firm, fostering a sense of connection with potential clients. The clear messaging and straightforward navigation further enhance the positive user experience.

41. Axelrod Law Office

Gavel on Top of American Flag with Text on White Background

Why We Like It

Beyond the attention-grabbing patriotic image, the Axelrod Law Office website effectively utilizes image links to guide visitors toward helpful SEO content. However, the site could benefit from expanding the menu with dedicated sections for practice areas or frequently asked questions (FAQ) to improve the user experience.

42. Hodgson Law Office

Man and Cityscape Sketch with Text on Hodgson Law Office Website Homepage

Why We Like It

The Hodgson Law Office website welcomes visitors with a professional portrait of Attorney Mark D. Hodgson. This image, combined with a soft landscape sketch and a calming white and green color palette, creates an atmosphere of both competence and approachability. The straightforward menu ensures a user-friendly experience.

43. Stephen E. Robertson Law Office

Family and Text on Website Homepage of Stephen E. Robertson Law Office Website

Why We Like It 

The Stephen E. Robertson Law Office website demonstrates a strong balance between design and usability. Its attractive visuals and clear organization complement practical features like SEO content and call-to-actions, effectively attracting and converting potential clients.

44. Columbia Family Law Group, LLC

Historic White Home and Trees as Background with White Text

Why We Like It

The Columbia Family Law Group website projects an image of traditional professionalism. A stately courthouse photo anchors the homepage, conveying a sense of authority and experience. The classic green and white color scheme reinforces this sense of established reliability.

45. North Texas Family Lawyers

Plant and Text on North Texas Family Lawyers Website

Why We Like It 

The North Texas Family Lawyers website prioritizes clarity and ease of use. The focus on a plant growing, alongside the tagline “Helping People Start New Lives,” immediately signals a message of growth and support. The gold and blue color scheme establishes a professional tone, while the intuitive menu ensures visitors can quickly find the information they need.

46. Fairway Divorce Solutions

Red and Black Colors with Faded Family Images on Fairway Divorce Solutions Website

Why We Like It

Fairway Divorce Solutions sets itself apart with a striking website design. The immediate impact comes from the powerful black and red colors, an eye-catching logo, and the understated use of family-focused background images. This design complements their unique focus on divorce mediation rather than traditional legal services.

47. Goranson Bain Ausley Family Law

Father with Daughter on Website of Goranson Bain Ausley Family Law

Why We Like It

The Goranson Bain Ausley Family Law website exudes warmth with a beautiful primary image of a father dancing with his daughter. Their colorful logo and intuitive menu create a welcoming atmosphere, making it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they need.

48. Hunt Law LLC

Scales of Justice on Homepage of Hunt Law Website

Why We Like It

The Adam Hunt Law LLC website immediately grabs your attention with a bold design that prominently features the scales of justice. The easy-to-navigate menu allows visitors to quickly find the information they’re seeking, while the lightning-fast site speeds ensure a frustration-free user experience. Beyond the technical aspects, the website shines with a blog loaded with valuable SEO content. This content demonstrates the firm’s expertise in various legal areas and positions Adam Hunt Law LLC as a trusted resource for potential clients.

49. Randall McKinney Law

Boxing Gloves on Homepage of Randall McKinney Law Website

Why We Like It

Randall McKinney Law’s website makes a strong first impression. The boxing gloves and Spartan logo immediately convey a sense of determination and fighting spirit, aligning well with the ‘Always Fighting For You’ tagline. This imagery resonates with potential clients seeking a fierce advocate. The website’s navigation is also user-friendly, with a clear menu that helps visitors quickly locate the information they need.

50. Brandon Dark Law

Black and White Image of Scales of Justice with Text on Brandon Dark Law Website

Why We Like It

The Brandon Dark Law website understands the importance of user experience. Its classic black and white color scheme provides high visual contrast for easier readability. This, coupled with an intuitive menu and fast site speed, makes navigating for information effortless. The website’s design puts the visitor’s needs first.

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51. The Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski

City Skyline, Text and Attorney on Website of The Law Offices of Kerrisa Chelkowski

Why We Like It

The Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski’s website makes a strong first impression with its visually appealing design. The integration of the attorney and the city skyline establishes a professional yet personable brand identity. Combined with an intuitive menu and on-site SEO, this website effectively communicates competence and helps the law office connect with potential clients.

52. DDSG Criminal Law

Scales of Justice and Text on Website of DDSG Law

Why We Like It

The DDSG Criminal Law website effectively balances a professional aesthetic with user-friendly design. The scales of justice imagery reinforces the firm’s commitment to fairness, while the simple navigation allows potential clients to quickly locate crucial information.

53. Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco, LLP

City Skyline, Logo and Text on Website of Barket Epstein Law

Why We Like It

The website projects a strong brand image. The dusk cityscape, coupled with the integrated logo, tagline, and call-to-action, exudes a sense of sophisticated professionalism. This visual appeal is complemented by the intuitive menu, which reinforces the firm’s commitment to clear communication and client service.

54. The Law Offices of Veronica T. Barton

City Skyline at Sunset and Text on Website of The Law Offices of Veronica D. Barton

Why We Like It

The Law Offices of Veronica T. Barton website effectively utilizes a beautiful image of the Los Angeles skyline at sunset to reinforce their local branding. This, paired with the central call-to-action and intuitive practice area links, demonstrates a strong understanding of user-friendly web design.

55. Herrera Clifton Hess

City Landscape and Beach with Text on Website of Herrera Clifton Hess

Why We Like It

The Herrera Clifton Hess Law Firm website offers a welcoming first impression. Its California beach imagery, striking color palette, and clear logo immediately project a sense of both professionalism and local connection. The intuitive menu ensures that visitors can easily navigate to the information they need. Additionally, the firm’s blog demonstrates its commitment to providing valuable resources, potentially enhancing its visibility on search engines.

56. BKLW Law

Blue Background Design and Logo on Website of BKLW Law

Why We Like It

The website for Bienert Katzman Littrell Williams, LLP – BKLW Law – features a simple, elegant background on the homepage that is augmented by high-quality on-site SEO. The element that really caught our eye on this website was the custom BKLW Law logo.

57. Wegmann Law Firm

Shelf of Law Books with Text on Website of Wegmann Law Firm

Why We Like It

The Wegmann Law Firm website strikes a balance between professionalism and accessibility. The law library visual establishes a sense of tradition, while the well-organized menu ensures easy website navigation. The integrated ‘fact bar’ adds a unique touch, showcasing the firm’s highlights upfront.

58. Gold and Witham Attorneys at Law

Blue Background with Blurred Image and Text on Website of Gold and Witham Law Firm

Why We Like It

The website uses a captivating image of city lights at night overlaid with a gold and blue color scheme. This combination creates a sense of security and trust, which is important for potential clients seeking legal representation. It demonstrates that the firm is transparent about its fees and willing to work with clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

59. DUI Lawyers 24/7

City Skyline Landscape and Text on Website of DUI Lawyers 24/7

Why We Like It

The DUI Lawyers 24/7 website combines an eye-catching Chicago skyline design with user-friendly features. The county-based navigation simplifies the search process for potential clients. Informative blog posts and prominent call-to-action links demonstrate the site’s focus on connecting users with the help they need.

60. Shouse California Law Group

Legal and State Icons with Text on Website of Shouse California Law Group

Why We Like It

The Shouse California Law Group website makes an excellent first impression with its clear layout and visually appealing design. Navigation is simplified through large image links leading to practice areas, while state-specific legal resources offer valuable information. The subtle courthouse background adds a touch of legal professionalism without being distracting.

61. The Law Offices of Gilbert C. Parris

City Skyline at Night with Text on Website of The Law Offices of Gilbert C. Parris

Why We Like It

The Law Offices of Gilbert C. Parris makes a strong first impression with a visually appealing website. A time-lapse video of the New York City skyline captures the energy and dynamism of the city, while the black, gray, and bronze color scheme and custom logo project an air of sophistication and professionalism.

62. Kaushal Law LLC 

City Landscape Images and Text on Website of Kaushal Law LLC

Why We Like It

The Kaushal Law LLC website projects a professional image with its balanced blue and white color scheme and compelling pictures of downtown Indianapolis. Combined with its straightforward navigation and practice area links, the website design conveys a sense of competence and reliability.

63. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Women in Black Sitting and Standing on Website of Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Why We Like It

The website’s design immediately establishes a sense of authority and professionalism. The main menu and call-to-action are cleverly integrated within the image of the legal team, ensuring key contact points are visible while maintaining the image’s visual impact. This creates a seamless and user-friendly experience for potential clients.

64. Barrison Law 

Little Girl in an Alley with Text on Website of Barrison Law

Why We Like It

The Barrison Law website opens with a striking image and a sophisticated color palette, creating a strong first impression. The menu integrates seamlessly as you scroll, with the firm’s logo and a prominent click-to-call button enhancing the overall sense of professionalism.

65. Crawford Law 

Attorney in Suit in an Office with Text on Website of Crawford Law

Why We Like It

The Crawford Law website effectively personalizes the firm by prominently featuring the legal team on the homepage. This welcoming touch is complemented by an intuitive menu bar, offering visitors easy access to essential information.

66. Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office

Two Men on White Background with Text on Website of Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office

Why We Like It

The Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office website offers a clean design with a striking image of its accomplished legal team. The most notable feature is the scrolling text bar, delivering concise facts about the firm and its commitment to the communities it represents. This element adds a dynamic touch while providing essential information upfront.

67. Liberty Law

Civille 100 Liberty Law

Why We Like It

The name Liberty Law has an immediate connotation to it in the criminal justice space. The site design needs to live up to it. Luckily, Liberty Law does just the right amount of leaning into their name with the Statue of Liberty in the hero but also personalizes the site with the lead attorney image and bold use of color. 

68. Jameson Law Office, LLC

Jameson Law Office Homepage with Bridge and Text

Why We Like It

The Jameson Law Office website strikes a perfect balance between visual appeal and informative content. The site’s elegant design immediately establishes a sense of professionalism, while the well-organized content ensures potential clients quickly locate the details they require.

69. CoxEsq, PC 

CoxEsq Website Homepage with St. Louis Skyline and Text

Why We Like It

The stunning St. Louis skyline backdrop on the CoxEsq website commands attention and sets a visually appealing tone. Integrating a clear mission statement and prominent calls to action above the fold would solidify this immigration law website’s impact.

70. Rice Law

Civille 100 Rice Law

Why We Like It

The Rice Law website uses custom imagery, hover colors, movable elements, and more to make scrolling through the homepage an experience. This is a perfect feel for a divorce and family law firm, as the local elements and great-looking design make potential clients confident that they will be treated right.

71. Roberts Law

Roberts Law Homepage with Picture of Biker on Bridge

Why We Like It

The Roberts Law website excels in user-friendliness. Its stunning landscape homepage image immediately draws you in. The animated headline and message clearly communicate the firm’s focus, while the well-organized navigation and prominent calls to action guide visitors effortlessly.

72. Valentino Law Group

Valentino Law Group Website Homepage with Open Book and Text

Why We Like It

The Valentino Law Group website makes a strong first impression. The image slider on the homepage is visually appealing and effectively conveys the firm’s message. The header features a simple, yet elegant logo and a clear, easy-to-navigate menu. This user-friendly design makes it simple for potential clients to find the information they need about the firm’s practice areas.

73. Bielski Chapman, LTD.

Civille 100 Bielski Chapman

Why We Like It

The Bielski Chapman site is extremely clean and incorporates some nice custom elements that are aesthetically pleasing and useful for the visitor. One such component is the estate planning timeline which is a great visual. There is also a calendar tool that is very involved, allowing the user to choose their attorney, time, reason, and more. 

74. Rozier Hardt McDonough

Civille 100 Rozier Hardt McDonough

Why We Like It

Rozier Hardt McDonough does technical work, so having a high-tech-looking website makes a lot of sense. The design is smooth flows well, and conveys the right kind of message for users who are likely to interact with the law firm. A design that truly matches the firm.

75. The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC

Tamara N. Holden Website Homepage with Tamara N. Holden

Why We Like It

The website for The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC makes a strong first impression. The black and white color scheme is elegant and professional, and the central image of Attorney Tamara N. Holder is both welcoming and confident. The easy-to-find contact form prominently displayed reinforces the firm’s commitment to client communication and accessibility.

76. The Hutt Law Firm

The Hutt Law Firm Website Homepage with Column and Text

Why We Like It

The Hutt Law Firm website embraces a refreshingly minimalist design, making it a standout in the legal field. Content is presented with clarity, offering concise descriptions of practice areas. This focus on user-friendliness, along with the subtle visual touches throughout the homepage, creates a welcoming and informative experience.

77. Cubillos Reed Law, PLLC

Cubillos Reed Law Homepage with Black and White Text and Black and White Photo of a City Skyline

Why We Like It

This website design for Cubillos Reed Law combines multiple elements that we love – a clean black and white color palette that is elegant and professional with a beautiful image of a city skyline. Additional images and pops of color down the page make this custom website design even more attractive to potential clients.

78. Zafiro Law

Zafiro Law Firm Website Homepage with Flag and Text

Why We Like It

Zafiro Law’s website makes a strong first impression with compelling visuals and a focused message. The primary image seamlessly integrates a ‘Contact Our Team’ button, encouraging immediate action. The site design is further enhanced by the well-placed Zafiro Law logo and an intuitive menu, ensuring effortless navigation for potential clients.

79. Family Health Law

Family Health Law Homepage with White Background and Woman at a Desk

Why We Like It

The Family Health Law website exudes a modern aesthetic that’s both visually pleasing and easy to use. Its uncluttered layout, with a white background and contrasting black text, is smartly complemented by well-placed color accents. We particularly like the eye-catching practice area image links and the intuitive, straightforward menu.

80. Eifert Law Firm

Eifert Law Website Homepage with Family and Text

Why We Like It

The Eifert Law Firm website effectively uses a blue and gold color scheme for a visually appealing and professional feel. The homepage immediately engages the visitor with a welcoming family image and a clear statement of the firm’s purpose. User-friendly navigation through the menu and links enhances both the aesthetic and practical experience.

81. Bertram, LLP

Bertram LLP Website Homepage with Modern and Abstract Art

Why We Like It

Bertram LLP’s website features a clean and contemporary design. The strategic use of purple and orange color accents adds a vibrancy that distinguishes the firm’s branding from traditional law firm websites. The unconventional sidebar menu provides an engaging and intuitive navigational element.

82. K. Bennett Law, LLC 

K Bennett Law Website Homepage with Face and Text

Why We Like It

The K. Bennett Law website utilizes a striking black and pink color scheme, immediately distinguishing it within the legal website landscape. This bold choice underscores the firm’s focus on strong branding, while the clear messaging and emphasis on Attorney Kim Bennett convey a sense of personalized service.

83. Melanie J. Bowbell Divorce and Family Law

Website Homepage with Table, Chair, Fireplace and Text

Why We Like It

The custom website for Melanie J. Bowbell Divorce and Family Law showcases a unique design with its central image and focus on on-page content. While visually interesting, adding a subtle menu bar could enhance user navigation without sacrificing the website’s overall aesthetic.

84. Richard D. Hobbs

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Richard D. Hobbs

Why We Like It

The site effectively utilizes its Georgia-centric branding and URL to create a strong sense of local expertise. It also boasts an attractive design, a visually pleasing color scheme, and a blazing-fast load time. The well-maintained blog and easy-to-navigate structure further enhance the positive user experience.

85. AFJ Law Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - AFJ Law Firm

Why We Like It

AFJ Law Firm’s website embraces a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. With striking imagery of snow-capped Montana mountains and the bold slogan “Make Your Voice Heard”, it immediately establishes authority and a local connection. The bright call-to-action button for a free consultation adds a vibrant touch. This design, paired with impressive site speed, ensures visitors have a seamless experience as they explore case wins, blog posts, and the firm’s credentials.

86. Alta Legal

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Alta Legal

Why We Like It

Alta Legal’s website embraces a functional, minimalist design. Its stark black-and-white color scheme places the focus squarely on the attorneys, their locations, and their areas of expertise. The site’s clean layout effectively guides the user without unnecessary distractions.

87. Drake Hileman & Davis

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Drake Hileman & Davis

Why We Like It

The law firm’s website departs from traditional design expectations with its green and orange color palette. This choice, surprisingly, works in harmony with the peaceful autumnal road imagery, creating a distinct visual identity. The website effectively highlights a wide range of practice areas, emphasizing personal injury (PI) cases. It also features an innovative double-tiered menu that prominently displays city locations alongside standard navigation links.

88. Unruh Law

Civille 100 Unruh Law

Why We Like It

We said earlier that having a veterans’ benefits law firm means that you almost have to incorporate red, white, and blue. The fact that Unruh Law went a different direction is why it’s on the list. Standing out in this emerging area of law is almost just as important, and the calming tones on this site put visiting veterans at ease. 

89. Saperstein Law Group

Saperstein law group

Why We Like It

Saperstein Law Group successfully conveys an image of both professionalism and approachability. The attorney profile against the familiar Chicago skyline creates a feeling of local expertise and personalizes the firm. Their focus on auto and rideshare accidents positions them as specialists in a specific area of personal injury law, which can be appealing to potential clients seeking niche representation.

90. Parris Law Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Parris Law Firm

Why We Like It

The Parris Law website prioritizes showcasing its strengths with a clear and concise menu that emphasizes their recent wins, accolades, and complimentary consultation offer. This streamlined approach doesn’t compromise on information accessibility. The site offers a wealth of resources, including a regularly updated blog, which, as Civille recommends for many clients, is a great way to establish expertise and build trust with potential clients.

91. Weber Law Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Weber Law Firm

Why We Like It

The site’s design effectively combines a professional color scheme with a focus on Lauren N. Weber, enhancing its credibility. It boasts excellent search engine optimization, relevant local imagery, and a growing collection of videos.

92. Stracci Law Group

Stracci law Group

Why We Like It

While the website has a visually appealing design and straightforward menu, there’s room for improvement. Optimizing images and code could help address the slow page speed. Additionally, developing a consistent blog posting schedule with relevant content could enhance the site’s value to visitors.

93. The Louthian Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Louthian Firm

Why We Like It

The Louthian Firm highlights their close attorney-client relationships, a valuable distinction amidst larger legal firms. Their plentiful 5-star reviews reinforce a commitment to personalized attention, a major attraction for those facing significant legal challenges.

94. Hudson Injury Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Hudson Injury Firm

Why We Like It

The ambulance image, while perhaps a bit obvious, does visually reinforce the site’s purpose and ties into the orange and blue color scheme. The prominent use of dollar signs could be seen as overly focused on financial compensation but may be effective in attracting potential personal injury clients. The site’s design prioritizes usability with its straightforward menu and detailed homepage, including the useful interactive FAQ.

95. Nicolet Law Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Nicolet Law

Why We Like It

The Nicolet Law website effectively leverages the brand’s personality by prominently featuring an illustration of its president. This strong visual identity is a hallmark of the firm’s marketing strategy, extending from billboards to TV. While the design could benefit from some streamlining to enhance user experience, the site’s overall communication of the brand is successful.

96. West Coast Trial Lawyers

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - West Coast Trial Lawyers

Why We Like It

This website does an excellent job showcasing successful case results and providing an easy way to request a free consultation. The interactive elements on the homepage are engaging but could be streamlined to improve the site’s loading speed and create a smoother user experience.

97. Maggs Law Offices

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Maggs Law Offices

Why We Like It

This website embraces a simple aesthetic, showcasing a beautiful countryside scene that likely resonates with local residents. The logo complements this with its clean, uncluttered design. While some image quality could be improved, the overall feel of the site is inviting and easy to navigate.

98. Ansbacher Law

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Ansbacher Law

Why We Like It

The website demonstrates excellent content organization with its two-tiered menu system. We like the way that the menu breaks down with a top menu and a bottom menu that has different focuses. The design around those elements could be improved though. Some minor design tweaks to further differentiate the menus would complete the clean, user-friendly aesthetic.

99. The Gumprecht Law Firm

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - The Gumprecht Law Firm

Why We Like It

The Gumprecht Law Firm website effectively showcases the firm’s expertise in personal injury cases throughout Georgia. The inclusion of eye-catching settlement wins and a quick link to a video adds a touch of interactivity and helps capture the user’s attention.

100. Dreyer & Tinney

Civille Best PI Law Firm Websites - Dreyer & Tinney

Why We Like It

Don’t be fooled by the site’s clean design; it packs a technical punch. With its near-perfect mobile page speed score, the site delivers a seamless experience for users on smartphones. The robust search engine optimization strategy ensures the firm ranks well in search results. Their evolving blog further enhances their online visibility.

Our 2024 Law Firm Websites Design Winners

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