Civille + Clio: Simplifying Your Firm 

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Law firm life is complex. The tech your firm uses should help to simplify it. 

At Civille, we specialize in building fresh, fast, and optimized law firm websites that, along with our digital marketing suite, get you found by the right clients. In addition, our lead management tools take the stress of client intake off your plate and help ensure that you spend time on the right customers. 

And now, all Civille website and lead management tools integrate directly with your Clio Grow and Clio Manage accounts. If you love using Clio, it only makes sense to partner with a website and digital solution that integrates cleanly with these tools. 

Integrate Clio With Any Civille Lead Enhancement Solution

Civille Websites 

civille website

If you already have a Civille website (or are wanting a website provider that integrates with Clio), integrating your website leads with Clio is easy. Our contact forms allow a seamless integration with your existing Clio Grow or Clio Manage account. Avoid the hassle of manually updating lead information and get notified directly from Clio when a new website lead is generated. 

See Civille Site Examples

Civille Law Forms

civille law forms

Civille Law Forms is a lead generation tool that comes included on many Civille website bundles. Our forms allow you to either qualify leads or break down longer questionnaires into a simplified multi-step process (or in some cases both). Every element of the forms can be customized from questions, to follow-up questions, to responses. Not every client is a fit for your firm. Or at the very least, you want more information before reaching out. Civille Law Forms make that possible. And yes, all of the information gathered flows directly into Clio. 

See It In Action

Civille AI Chat

civille ai chat

With Civille’s AI Chat, law firms can easily add a chat function to their website without the need for extensive resources of time commitments. Our platform’s simplistic design, customizable questions and responses, and AI functionality make it easy for any law firm to build a functional chat and qualify leads simultaneously. The AI Chat can be installed on any Civille or WordPress website as well. As with our other tools, all of the information will pass into your Clio system of choice. 

See It In Action

Civille Scheduling Tool

civille scheduler tool

Adding a scheduling tool to your website and marketing materials allows potential clients to instantly set up a time with you and your firm – locking in an appointment. It also saves you time by managing your and your employee’s calendars automatically. The Civille Scheduling Tool can connect with any Outlook or Google Workspace calendar, as well as virtual meeting software including Google Meets and Zoom. All leads can be fed directly into your Clio Grow account, and even update your Clio Manage Calendar for easy management. 

See It In Action

Connecting Your Clio Account With Civille

Integrating with your existing Clio account into Civille products is an easy 1,2,3 process. 

  1. Choose Your Civille Website or Lead Enhancement Products. Enroll with a new Civille website to get the build process started with your website and lead enhancement add-ons. If you have a WordPress site not on the Civille platform, you can enroll in lead enhancement products ala carte. If you are already a Civille customer, connect with your Account Manager to add any lead enhancement product and custom integration.
  2. Connect Your Clio Account with Civille. Send over your Clio Grow access key or contact your Clio Account Manager for the Clio Manage information to connect your website and Clio account. 
  3. Start Collecting Leads in Clio. Once the integration is set, you’re done! Lead information will be sent directly to your Clio Grow or Clio Manage accounts, and your processes are streamlined. 

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