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Stop Sitting On Your Assets! Utilize Your Law Firm’s Customer Info

It is a hot summer day with temperatures in the low nineties. My kids have been bored during the dog days of summer and have asked for new LEGO sets and toys multiple times. I have a desire for them to be more entrepreneurial, but I didn’t want to have them do the typical lemonade… Read more


Does My Law Firm Need a Case Management System?

Does my law firm need a case management system? This is an interesting question and one that might be difficult to answer for some law firms. For others, it might be a painfully obvious “Yes!” while you are wondering why there is even a debate about the topic. Here are a few factors to consider when making the decision for your law firm.  Read more


The Devil’s in the Data. Keep it Clean for Your Law Firm

In the modern business environment, we increasingly see firms using a complex web of tools and systems to gain efficiencies. It is a trend that we have seen repeated over the past few decades in multiple industries but seems only to be accelerating at breakneck speeds.  Acquisitions are rampant right now as companies look for… Read more

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