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Running a law firm can be a juggling act. Let your technology make things easier.

Civille specializes in crafting modern, lightning-fast, and optimized websites for law firms. Paired with our powerful digital marketing tools, we help you attract the ideal clients. Plus, our streamlined lead management solutions eliminate the burden of client intake, ensuring you focus on the clients who matter most.

We’re proud to announce that as of now, all Civille website and lead management tools integrate seamlessly with your Smokeball account. If you rely on Smokeball, choosing a website and digital solution that integrates flawlessly makes perfect sense.

Integrate Smokeball With Any Civille Lead Enhancement Solution

Civille Websites

civille website

Civille is your one-stop shop for a modern, high-performance law firm website and a suite of digital marketing tools designed to bring you the perfect clients. Our streamlined lead management system integrates effortlessly with your Smokeball account, eliminating the need for manual data entry. You’ll receive instant notifications whenever a new lead submits a form, allowing you to focus on what matters most: building strong client relationships.

See Civille Site Examples

Civille Law Forms

civille law form

Say goodbye to generic contact forms! Civille websites come equipped with a powerful lead capture system that integrates seamlessly with Smokeball. This means no more manually copying and pasting information – all lead data flows directly into your Smokeball account.

But it gets better. Our forms are highly customizable. Want to qualify leads before they hit your inbox? Build multi-step questionnaires or add conditional logic to automatically filter inquiries. This way, you only focus on high-potential clients who are the perfect fit for your firm.

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Civille AI Chat

civille ai chat

Imagine having a 24/7 receptionist who pre-qualifies leads while you focus on billable hours. Civille websites offer a seamless integration with Smokeball, allowing you to add a powerful AI-powered chat function to your site. No coding headaches – our platform’s intuitive interface lets you customize questions, responses, and even leverage AI to automate lead qualification. This way, you only engage with the most promising leads, maximizing your time and resources.

The best part? All chat data seamlessly integrates with your Smokeball account, keeping your CRM system up-to-date and eliminating manual data entry. This dynamic duo takes lead generation and qualification to the next level, empowering you to focus on what matters most – building strong client relationships.

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Civille Scheduler Tool

civille scheduler tool

Tired of endless back-and-forth scheduling? Civille websites seamlessly integrate with Smokeball, allowing clients to book appointments directly on your site. No more wasted time playing phone tag – our scheduling tool syncs effortlessly with your Smokeball calendar and eliminates manual updates.

But that’s not all! Integrate with popular virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meets for added convenience. Plus, all appointments automatically populate your Smokeball account, keeping your CRM organized and up-to-date.

Focus on practicing law, let Civille handle the scheduling headaches.

See It In Action

Connecting Your Smokeball Account with Civille

  1. Choose Your Civille Website or Lead Enhancement Products. Reach out to your dedicated Civille account manager or onboarding specialist to incorporate any of our lead enhancement products into your existing Civille website. If you’re not yet a part of the Civille family, get in touch with us for pricing details for a new website or to integrate our lead enhancement tools into your existing WordPress site.
  2. Authorize The Civille Integration With Your Smokeball Account. If you’re an existing Civille Website client, integrating our Lead Enhancement products is straightforward. Go to “Civille Integrations” in your Civille website account and click “Authorize”. You’ll then be asked to log into your Smokeball account to authorize the app. This authorization is essential for connecting your Smokeball with any Civille Lead Enhancement product. For those who aren’t Civille Website clients, the process remains largely the same. However, before you can add the integration, your Civille representative will need to install the Civille Integrations plugin in your WordPress website account. This will require admin access to your website. If you have any questions or need to provide access credentials, please reach out to your Civille account manager.
  3. Set Up Your Civille Tools and Integration Preferences With Your Civille Account Manager. Reach out to your Civille Account Manager to integrate your Lead Enhancement products into Smokeball and personalize each of your lead enhancement tools. With Civille AI Chat and Civille Law Forms, you have the flexibility to customize everything from the questions asked to the design and lead delivery. For the Civille Scheduling Tool, linking to your Smokeball account also requires syncing with an individual or firm’s calendar. You can connect multiple users and calendars within Smokeball and WordPress. Additional settings, such as linking your work calendar, incorporating Zoom, and setting up email delivery notifications, can also be customized to your preference.
  4. Start Collecting Leads from Civille in Your Smokeball Account. After setting up your Lead Enhancement tools and establishing the necessary integrations, leads and appointments will be delivered directly and in real-time to your Smokeball account.

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