Why You Should Integrate Your CRM With Your Website

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Technology. Your choice to embrace or resist different iterations of it has the ability to determine your success.

As a law firm, you need to be careful what forms of tech you choose to implement. It’s okay to get excited about the next big thing, but you need to make sure that the application of what you intend to purchase fits your business needs.

In addition, sometimes there is tech that you are already using that you aren’t utilizing efficiently. One such example that we see often in the website business is the lack of integration between the firm’s website and its CRM.

Nearly every reputable firm has a website. How they leverage it, however, is very different. Some firms utilize their website as a primary lead driver, and for others, it’s more important for reputation. But no matter how you view it or market it, the website will drive prospect calls and form fills. 

What happens next is when processes get misaligned. 

For many firms, calls, form fills, and anything that comes in through the website are treated differently than other lead sources. Calls may go to a central hub and forms are sent to an email address. Not only can this be inefficient, but it can also create a disjointed client experience. 

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Integrating your website and CRM or lead management software can alleviate a lot of different issues and streamline your processes. Let’s take a look at the advantages. 

Provide a Cohesive Customer Experience

There’s no doubt that some leads are valued higher than others for law firms. Referrals, for example, often are the highest converting lead source. However, how these leads are handled compared to others may have a small factor in that lead bias. 

For example, a referral is likely input into case management system immediately and then flows efficiently through the lead process. On the other hand, a website form lead might go to an inbox that isn’t checked right away, meaning that no one is calling the lead back in a timely manner. Those leads can often be lost. 

By integrating your website and CRM, all web leads can flow into your case management processes cleanly, meaning every customer will have the same experience and there is a better chance to convert at a high percentage.

Eliminate Unnecessary Data Entry

When your website doesn’t integrate with your CRM, it creates an unnecessary step of manual data entry at the firm. Instead of leads flowing into case management together, someone needs to gather the lead data and input it into the appropriate fields in the CRM. A quality website vendor can map everything appropriately to take out this step. 

Beyond the time wasted gathering data, the response rate is also increased when an integration exists as the intake team has all the data presented in a form that they are familiar with right away to work the lead. 

Keep Reporting Clean

Having all leads appear in the same format in the CRM allows for reporting within the CRM to remain clean as well, making business decisions easier. Manual data entry always creates the opportunity for error, leading to messy, inaccurate reports. 

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The data that is in the CRM is also real-time as you aren’t waiting for manual input of required data fields. 

Opportunity to Introduce New Tools

In addition to phone calls and forms, the website can gather leads in many ways. One demographic of the population may interact with a website unique from another and it is always best to account for those different styles. 

For example, younger generations are more likely to utilize a chat tool or texting option than others. While other individuals appreciate being able to schedule an appointment directly on the site. Another option is to provide a multi-step form experience to send clients down the path you would like them to go or even qualify leads through the form before your team works them.

Quality law firm website vendors are often able to add useful tools like these to their site, and the best ones will integrate them with the CRM as well. This way, you can customize the website contact experience without worrying about how to manage all the different leads that may come in.

Tying it All Together

You have a website. You have case management software. It only makes sense for these two crucial pieces of technology to work together. 

As a CARET Legal partner, Civille provides fully integrated websites for law firms of all shapes and sizes. The partnership of CARET + Civille allows for a seamless lead acquisition and management process that saves firms time and money. 

About CARET Legal: 

CARET Legal, formerly Zola Suite, brings the latest in technology and automation, empowering highly skilled professionals to refocus their expertise on what truly matters. 

CARET, previously recognized as AbacusNext, is the visionary force behind CARET Legal, a leading entity catering to a network of over 10,000 legal and accounting firms. Leveraging the prowess of advanced and secure practice management systems, cutting-edge HotDocs document automation, and seamless payment processing platforms, CARET propels firms, professionals, and their clientele towards new horizons of success. To learn more, visit GetCARET.com

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