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The 20 Best Solo Law Firm Websites of 2024

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We are back at it here at Civille and we are in search of the best solo law firm websites of 2024!

Your law firm website is the first interaction that you will have with many potential clients and it is vital that you make a great first impression to help you earn their business. The style and design of your website is just one element that can set you and your law firm apart from competitors. A high-quality custom law firm website provides clear and concise messaging, prominent calls to action, ample opportunities to contact the law firm, an easy-to-navigate menu, easy-to-digest information and much more.

Are you looking for a new website provider? You may want to consider Civille for your law firm and if you are looking for inspiration for your custom law firm website, we have created a list of the 20 Best Solo Law Firm Websites of 2024 – that includes a few favorite websites designed and built right here at Civille.

Contact Civille today for more information on our custom law firm websites, digital marketing, and lead enhancement!

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What Makes a Law Firm Website Good?

Here is the scenario. You and your law firm are ready to build and create your own custom website – but you may not know where to start. Civille is a premier website provider for law firms and we want to help you create the perfect website for your law firm. Here is a quick look at a few elements that will help improve your law firm website and the elements we looked at to choose our favorite solo law firm websites.

  • Attractive Design – Like we mentioned above, your website needs to make a great first impression and an attractive design with vibrant colors, eye-catching photos, and elegant law firm logos are all elements that can tip the scales in your favor.
  • Clear and Concise Messaging – What is the tagline for your law firm? It is important that when a potential client lands on your site, they understand immediately how you can help with their case and clear, concise messaging like taglines, phrases, and headlines are important to your website design.
  • Calls to Action – When a potential client arrives at your website, you want them to take the next step and contact you about their case. The addition of clear calls to action – contact us buttons, forms, voice chat features, and tap-to-call buttons – can help you create leads.
  • Navigation – If a potential client cannot find the information they need on your website, the likelihood that they will employ your law firm is lower, which makes it vital to have simple navigation that will make it easy for online visitors to find the information they want.
  • On-Page Content – The content on your website can help paint a picture of your law firm, will help improve Google rankings, and will provide information about practice areas, your legal team, your legal experience, and much more. By comparison – on-page content that is too dense can turn potential clients away.

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1. Mark Harford Law

Mark Harford Law Firm Website Homepage with City Skyline and Text

Why We Like It

We love the design of the Mark Harford Law website! We may be a bit biased on this one, but we love how this design came together with a brilliant orange, black, and white color scheme that grabs your attention and is backed by a brilliant landscape image. Add a simple menu and clear message to the equation and this is a great website design.   

2. Jameson Law Office, LLC  

Jameson Law Office Homepage with Bridge and Text

Why We Like It

There is something to be said for a simple, elegant design and the Jameson Law Office website hits the nail on the head for us. This website is headlined by an elegant landscape photo, a clear message, an easy-to-navigate menu, and on-page content that covers all of the important information potential clients need. 

3. CoxEsq, PC 

CoxEsq Website Homepage with St. Louis Skyline and Text

Why We Like It

The sunset view of the St. Louis skyline is an incredible element for the CoxEsq website that is sure to make online visitors pause in their search and it sets the website apart. Add a clear, concise message that is central to the design and prominent calls to action above the fold and this immigration law website is a real winner. 

4. Brassel Law

Brassel Law screenshot

Why We Like It

Brassel Law is a unique site overall with a clean look, unique graphics and infographics, and beautiful practice area pages. On top of that, the site also features multiple easy for clients to pay online. Of course, as a Civille site, it’s also heavily optimized, gets stellar speed scores, and has a growing blog.

5. Roberts Law

Roberts Law Homepage with Picture of Biker on Bridge

Why We Like It

The Roberts Law website is a favorite here at Civille and it all starts with the beautiful landscape homepage image. This website continues to impress with an animated headline and message that is backed by clear navigation and calls to action that online visitors will appreciate.

6.  Valentino Law Group

Valentino Law Group Website Homepage with Open Book and Text

Why We Like It

There is a lot to love about the Valentino Law Group website. The image slider function on the homepage is incredible and is punctuated by a clear message. The header on this custom law firm website features a simple, yet elegant logo and an easy-to-navigate menu that makes it easy to find the information you need as a potential client.

7. CYA Law Firm, PLLC

CYA Law Firm Website Homepage with Florida Night Skyline and Text

Why We Like It

We love websites that employ landscape images that are central to their design and few will deliver like the CYA Law Firm website with a Florida skyline at night. Additional features we love on this website include practice area image links and prominent calls to action in the menu and on the central image.

8. Carryl Law Firm, PLLC

Carryl Law Firm Website Homepage with Florida Landscape and Text

Why We Like It

A Florida-based estate law firm, Carryl Law Firm employs a Florida landscape front and center that may feel familiar to potential clients in the Sunshine State. The prominent calls to action, image links to practice area pages, and image links to the latest blog entries provide access to the information that potential clients need.

9. AC Rieman Law

AC Rieman Law Homepage with Woman on White Background with Text

Why We Like It

The AC Rieman Law website puts Attorney Amanda Rieman front and center on the website and creates a clean, elegant feel to this homepage. With an attractive law firm logo, an easy-to-navigate menu, image links to practice area pages, and incredible on-page SEO content, this custom website will check all the boxes. 

10. A. Burris Law

A. Burris Law Homepage with Woman on White and Green Background

Why We Like It

Like the previous entry on this list, the A. Burris Law website puts the face of the law firm front and center on the homepage with a simple and elegant page design. We love the image slider that provides links to law firm practice areas and we adore the custom law firm logo on this website.

11. The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC

Tamara N. Holden Website Homepage with Tamara N. Holden

Why We Like It

Elegant may be the best word to describe the website for The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC. A very clean black and white color scheme enhances the central image of Attorney Tamara N. Holder and a contact form is front and center to make it easy for potential clients to contact the law firm and will help create leads.

12. The Hutt Law Firm

The Hutt Law Firm Website Homepage with Column and Text

Why We Like It

Less is more in some cases and The Hutt Law Firm website employs a simple and elegant design that caught our eye here at Civille. The on-page content is a focus on this website with short descriptions of practice areas that are clear and concise – and we love the additional images as you scroll down the homepage.

13. Saxton Law Firm

Saxton Law Firm Homepage with White Background, Man and Text

Why We Like It

The Saxton Law Firm website makes Attorney Don Saxton the focus of the homepage and is backed by a clear mission statement and a clear call to action above the fold. The simplified menu makes it easy to find the information you need and additional on-page practice area content with links to SEO content are highlights of this custom website.

14. Cubillos Reed Law, PLLC

Cubillos Reed Law Homepage with Black and White Text and Black and White Photo of a City Skyline

Why We Like It

This website design for Cubillos Reed Law combines multiple elements that we love – a clean black and white color palette that is elegant and professional with a beautiful image of a city skyline. Additional images and pops of color down the page make this custom website design even more attractive to potential clients. 

15. Zafiro Law

Zafiro Law Firm Website Homepage with Flag and Text

Why We Like It

Zafiro Law employs a website design that uses imagery and a prominent headline to provide a clear message to potential clients. We love how the Contact Our Team button is integrated into the primary image and feels like a part of the message and we love the Zafiro Law logo on the easy-to-navigate menu. 

16. Family Health Law

Family Health Law Homepage with White Background and Woman at a Desk

Why We Like It

The Family Health Law website feels very modern – which is a design element that we love. The white background and black text are punctuated by pops of color on the page that help elevate the messaging on the website. Additional elements we love on this website include the practice area image links and the simplified menu. 

17. Eifert Law Firm

Eifert Law Website Homepage with Family and Text

Why We Like It

We absolutely love the blue and gold color palette employed by the Eifert Law Firm website and it is punctuated by a fun family image and a clear message that is front and center. The easy-to-navigate menu and additional on-page links to content make this custom law firm website beautiful and functional. 

18. Bertram, LLP

Bertram LLP Website Homepage with Modern and Abstract Art

Why We Like It

Do you love modern and abstract art? The Bertram, LLP website employs a simple and modern design that we cannot pass up on this list. The purple and orange color accents on this website catch your eye and set it apart from many competitors. We also love the unique sidebar menu as you scroll down the homepage. 

19. K. Bennett Law, LLC 

K Bennett Law Website Homepage with Face and Text

Why We Like It

First and foremost – we love the black and pink color scheme employed by the K. Bennett Law website and it sets it apart from other law firm websites. The website design puts Attorney Kim Bennett front and center and provides a clear message for potential clients in need of legal help.

20. Melanie J. Bowbell Divorce and Family Law

Website Homepage with Table, Chair, Fireplace and Text

Why We Like It

If you are looking for elegant, the custom website for Melanie J. Bowbell Divorce and Family Law may be the perfect fit. The website design employs a central image that catches the eye and forgoes menu links for additional on-page content that is unique to this design. 

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Do you need inspiration for your law firm’s website? Are you looking for design ideas? Are you more interested in function than style? We think that you will find the inspiration you need right here at Civille with our list of the 20 Best Solo Law Firm Websites of 2024.

Contact Civille today to learn more about the law firm website services we provide!

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