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We live and work in a digital world and that means that the content and information we consume is hosted online. YouTube is an incredible example of the digital revolution with videos that cover almost any topic, project, area of interest, or social cross-section. There are YouTube channels dedicated to cooking, automotive, video games, plumbing, sports, movies – and yes – even law. 

Are you a lawyer that wants to learn more about a different practice area? Are you a potential client that has questions about a particular law? YouTube is used by more than 2.6 billion users each month and can be an incredible resource for everyone, and for law firms that want to connect with potential clients in a different way, it is an unexplored and exciting endeavor. 

No matter where your online interests lie as an attorney, lawyer, or law firm – if YouTube interests you, we can help you find inspiration or information with a list of the Top 10 Lawyer YouTube Channels created by Civille.

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1. LegalEagle 

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With almost 3 million subscribers, LegalEagle is one of the most prominent law-focused YouTube channels online. Whether you are a law firm interested in new and fun ways to create content or you want to learn more about the legal system in the United States and how it applies to current events, this YouTube channel is fun, entertaining, and informative.

Fun thumbnails lead the way on this legal YouTube channel and the high-quality content backs it up. Highlights of the channel include informative shorts, Real Lawyer Reacts videos that apply law to hollywood dramas, Laws Broken videos that point out laws broken in your favorite pop culture moments, Law Review News videos, and much more. 

2. Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law YouTube Banner with Gallery of Legal Photos and Text

Bloomberg Law is a YouTube channel that is more focused on you and your law firm as an attorney. The channel has almost 30,000 subscribers and provides information and insight on the law and how it applies to current events like Elon Musk and contract law, Clarence Thomas and the U.S. Supreme Court, and ChatGPT copyright law. 

The YouTube channel features playlists that focus on News, the Supreme Court, the Business of Law, Popular Events, Tax Law, Government, and much more. Bloomberg Law Podcasts are hosted on the YouTube channel and provide people with another avenue to enjoy their legal content.

3. The Lawyer You Know

The Lawyer You Know YouTube Banner with Attorney Photo on Blue Background with Text and YouTube Logo

With more than 262,000 subscribers The Lawyer You Know is one of the largest lawyer YouTube channels online and caters to potential clients who need legal advice or want to learn about their legal rights from an actual lawyer – not a random friend or acquaintance who had jury duty that one time. The Lawyer You Know Channel provides live reactions to case verdicts and trials across the country with explanations to help you learn about the legal process. Related channels include The Lawyer You Know in Shorts with short, digestible content and the brand-new Lawyer You Know Podcast.

4. Shouse Law Group

Shouse Law Group YouTube Banner with Photo of All Attorneys

The Shouse Law Group YouTube Channel is presided over by a team of lawyers based in California that represents normal citizens and provides legal advice on a myriad of topics. The channel has more than 41,000 subscribers and provides curated video playlists on topics that include – DUI, burglary, theft, the California Three Strikes Law, homicide, and robbery. 

This YouTube channel is an excellent resource for potential clients who have basic legal questions that apply to their own case. Law firms interested in interacting with potential clients in a different way may see this as a great example of where to start. YouTube Shorts on the channel provide additional information in a shorter format for viewers and are easily shared on social media. 

5. Law & Crime Network

Law & Crime Trial Network YouTube Banner with Logo and Text on Blue Background

The Law & Crime Network Channel may be the largest on the list with more than 5.1 million subscribers. This law-focused YouTube channel was created by attorney and legal commentator Dan Abrams and provides incredible insight into the legal world with live court video, breakdowns of high-profile criminal trials, legal analysis of select cases, and crazy crime stories.

The Law & Crime Network provides viewers with multiple channels – Law & Crime Shorts, Law & Crime Trials, and Law & Crime Network Channel C. Popular playlists on the channel include the Law & Crime Sidebar Podcast, Law & Crime News, Police Bodycam Footage, COPS Reloaded, Jail TV Show, and True Crime Stories.

6. Lawful Masses with Leonard French

Lawful Masses YouTube Banner with Front of Courtroom Building

Lawful Masses with Leonard French may be a wildcard on this list – but it is a YouTube channel that you do not want to miss if you have interest in how laws apply to technology like ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Leonard French is a self-proclaimed tinkerer, programmer, and lawyer that provides viewers with legal takes on interesting cases that are going on across the United States. Add fun and zany thumbnails to the equation and this YouTube channel is bound to attract your attention.

7. AALegalFocus

AALegalFocus YouTube Banner with Urban Street Image, Text and Attorney Photo

AALegalFocus is a relatively small YouTube channel that takes on a wide range of topics and practice areas with videos that appeal to those interested in learning more about the law and prospective lawyers who want to learn more about the day-to-day life of a lawyer. Videos posted on AALegalFocus feature fun thumbnails that are sure to make you want to watch and highlight interesting topics and cases from across the country. Lawyer-focused content on the channel answers questions like – are law school loans worth it? Frequent livestreams on the channel and YouTube shorts add additional forms of content.

8. Consumer Warrior

Consumer Warrior YouTube Banner with Text and Attorney Photo

The Consumer Warrior YouTube Channel is an educational channel for viewers who are faced with bankruptcy, debt collection, or credit card debt. The channel has more than 36,000 subscribers and an impressive list of videos to enjoy. In addition to educational videos, Attorney John Skiba hosts livestream Q&A sessions on the channel to help you get the answers you need on specific topics and YouTube shorts provide easy-to-digest content on a wide variety of legal topics related to the consumer.

9. Morgan & Morgan

Morgan and Morgan YouTube Banner with Yellow and White Text on Blue Background with US Map Logo

Morgan & Morgan is an interesting channel on this list that provides a fun blend of law firm advertisements and legal advice for potential clients. Morgan & Morgan is America’s Largest Injury Law Firm and the YouTube channel serves as a great advertising platform and a legal resource for prospective clients. The ads posted on the channel are fun, festive, and frivolous – which makes the channel feel less like an advertisement and more like entertainment.

Legal-focused videos provide important information for potential clients in search of legal advice on topics that include car accidents, trips and falls, worker’s compensation, and more. Maybe our favorite playlist on the channel is the John in 60 Shorts – which highlights Attorney John Morgan’s quick takes on a variety of topics in a fun and impromptu forum.

10. The Real Estate Lawyer

The Real Estate Lawyer YouTube Banner with Attorney Photo, Name and Text

Have you purchased a home recently? Do you have a question about the legal process of closing on your dream home? The Real Estate Lawyer YouTube Channel may be the perfect place to get the answers you need. Tiffany Webber is a real estate attorney that has taken her knowledge to YouTube to help you answer your legal questions about residential and commercial real estate. The channel tackles topics like closing costs, how to become a real estate attorney, real estate taxes, the housing market, and more with fun and informative content. Additional YouTube shorts answer quick real estate questions and livestreams on the website go more in-depth on viewer questions.

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Are you looking for ways to attract more clients to your law firm? Are you a potential client in need of legal advice? YouTube may prove to be the resource you need and whether you are interested in information or new content ideas for your law firm – this list of the Top 10 Lawyer YouTube Channels created by Civille may be able to help.

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