The 20 Best Divorce Law Firm Websites of 2023

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Law firms in a digital age rely on their digital presence to attract potential clients and that means lawyers need a high-quality website. A high-quality website may be the first interaction that potential clients have with your law firm and it leaves an impression for many. Civille is an innovative website provider in the legal space that can help your law firm create a website and online presence that online visitors will remember. 

Website visitors will remember websites that have an elegant and attractive design. They will remember if the website provides the information needed and if pages took too long to load. The first impression your law firm website makes may be a lasting one and we can help you design a custom website for your divorce law firm at Civille. 

Do you need inspiration for your law firm’s website? We can help with this list of the 20 Best Divorce Law Firm Websites of 2023 created by Civille.

How Can a Custom Website Help Your Law Firm?

You may not feel like you need a brand-new website. You may be happy with a basic website – but do you know how a custom website can help your law firm? The benefits provided by a custom and quality law firm website are almost endless and can help improve your business.

A custom law firm website can:

  • Attract potential clients with an elegant and attractive website design that will catch your eye.
  • Support a well-developed online marketing strategy with informational, on-page content.
  • Implement quality SEO content to attract more online traffic and provide online visitors with the information that they need.
  • Provide an easy-to-navigate menu that puts the information clients need just a few clicks away.
  • Create a responsive website design that is attractive and fast on any platform and will rank better in Google search results. 

We know that it can be difficult to find a quality website provider that will not break the bank. Civille wants to help you build online success for your divorce law firm and a custom website may provide the online presence that your firm needs. Use this list of the best divorce law firm websites to find design themes and ideas that you would like added to your custom website.

Check out our list of the best divorce law firm websites this year!

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The 20 Best Divorce Law Firm Websites of 2023

1. Elise Buie Family Law

Woman with Child and Landscape on White Background with Text

Why We Like It

The Elise Buie Family Law website remains one of our favorites with a clean menu that makes it easy to navigate and a primary image that is the blend of landscape and family. A bold headline creates a clear and concise understanding of the law firm’s website.

2.  The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC

Compass on Landscape Background with White and Gold Text

Why We Like It

This attractive website design is headlined by a slideshow of attractive hero images that are complemented by bold headlines and direct calls to action. The simple and easy-to-navigate menu makes this website attractive and functional.

3. Vogel, LLP

Gray Background with White Text of Vogel Law Firm Homepage

Why We Like It

This custom law firm website stands apart from others because of a simple, elegant design. There is no scroll function on this website and users experience a beautiful primary image slideshow and an attractive menu that is simple to navigate.

4. MacDonald & Partners, LLP

City Skyline at Night with White Text of MacDonald and Partners LLP Homepage

Why We Like It

A beautiful overhead video of the Toronto, ON cityscape at night greets online visitors to the MacDonald & Partners, LLP website and when coupled with a simple, easy-to-navigate menu and practice area image links creates an incredible website experience.

5. AC Rieman Law

AC Rieman Law Homepage with Woman on White Background with Text

Why We Like It

The AC Rieman Law website – created by Civille – puts the attorney at center stage and puts a face to the law firm name. The addition of on-page SEO content and an elegant menu complete this beautiful website design that has created positive results for the firm, detailed in the AC Rieman Case Study.

6. Levine Family Law Group

Teal Background with White Levine Family Law Group Text and Practice Area Icons with Text

Why We Like It

When we talk about elegant design at Civille, the Levine Family Law Group website is a primary example with a simple white and turquoise color theme that is underlined by SEO content with image links to law firm practice areas.

7. Denver Family Lawyers

Denver Skyline with Blue Border and White Text of Denver Family Lawyers Homepage

Why We Like It

Bold and beautiful landscape images are a favorite theme for many website designs and are sure to make the website stand apart from others. The Denver Family Lawyers website features the Denver skyline at night with simple messaging and call-to-action buttons.

8. Carvajal Law

Carvajal Law Homepage with People at a Table and Text

Why We Like It

Effective. Affordable. Fast. It is a clear and concise headline on the Carvajal Law website that is backed by a beautiful image that will catch the eye of online visitors. Call-to-action buttons and the easy-to-navigate menu make it easy for potential clients to find the information they need. 


Group of YLAW Attorneys in the Office with White Be Heard Text

Why We Like It

The YLAW website features a brilliant hero image that is both serious and whimsical – and promises to make an incredible first impression on potential clients at the law firm. The scrolling images and SEO content on the page add to the website design.

10. Modern Law

Modern Law Homepage with Lawyers in Black and Orange Menu Bar

Why We Like It

The black and orange color combination on the Modern Law website is simple and elegant – and the collage of attorney photos dressed in black creates a feeling of confidence for any potential clients to the Modern Law Team.

11. Fresh Legal

Blue Background with Orange Slices on Fresh Law Homepage

Why We Like It

Fresh and fun may be the perfect description for the Fresh Legal law firm website. The light blue background is punctuated by images of orange slices and bold headlines that convey the message of the Fresh Legal Team. 

12. Randal Lowry and Associates 

Rhino on Landscape Background with Bright Text for Randal Lowry and Associated Homepage

Why We Like It

We love the contrast of color and black and white on the Randal Lowry and Associates website that is punctuated by the elegant image of a Rhinoceros on the savannah with the colorful Divorce Can Be Tough, But So Are We headline.

13. Columbia Family Law Group, LLC

Historic White Home and Trees as Background with White Text

Why We Like It

The Columbia Family Law Group, LLC website employs a simple and elegant backdrop of a historical home with a bold headline and call-to-action that are complemented by an easy-to-navigate menu. 

14. Jones Divorce and Family Law

Landscape with Orange Menu and White Text on Jones Divorce and Family Law Homepage

Why We Like It

A peaceful landscape image highlights the Jones Divorce and Family Law homepage with an orange menu bar that is bold and attractive to potential clients. Additional call-to-action buttons add an element of functionality to this website design.

15. Eiges & Orgel Law Offices

Attorneys in Front of New York Skyline for Eiges and Orgel Family Law Homepage

Why We Like It

The Eiges & Orgel Law Offices website is another favorite that puts the attorneys at the focus of the homepage and the attorney portraits are complemented by a beautiful backdrop of the New York City skyline. Elegant image links to law firm practice areas add functionality to this beautiful website.

16. Kraayeveld Family Law

Boy Reading Map with Orange and White Text for Kraayeveld Family Law Homepage

Why We Like It

The elegant faded hero image of the Kraayeveld Family Law website is highlighted by a bold headline that exclaims the purpose of the law firm. Additional secondary images with SEO content punctuate the design as you scroll down.

17. Roberts & Zatlin Family Law Firm

Landscape Image of California Vineyards with White Text and Red Accents

Why We Like It

We love landscape images and the Roberts & Zatlin Family Law Firm homepage is highlighted by a snapshot of the California wine country and simple tile links to practice areas and SEO content that will help drive online traffic to the website.

18. Arami Law, Inc

Father and Daughter Laughing with Text on Arami Law Homepage

Why We Like It

Arami Law, Inc. features a beautiful website design with a father and daughter at the heart of the homepage and a bold headline that is backed by simple menu links to the information that potential clients need. 

19.  Anderson Family Law, LLC

Family Cutouts with Gavel on Blue Background of Anderson Family Law Homepage

Why We Like It

Anderson Family Law, LLC possesses a beautiful website design that may be hard to beat with a simple, yet elegant hero image of family cutouts and a gavel in the background. Beautiful secondary images with on-page SEO content highlight the page as you scroll down.

20. Kinchloe Law

Cherry Trees Blossoming with White Border on Kinchloe Law Homepage

Why We Like It

A beautiful image of cherry trees in blossom greets online visitors to the Kinchloe Law website and leaves an indelible impression on potential clients. Couple an incredible hero image with a variety of SEO content and this website design is beautiful and functional.

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Get a Custom Civille Law Firm Website!

We hope that we have provided some measure of inspiration for you and your law firm as you search for a website provider with a list of our Top 20 Best Divorce Law Firm Websites of 2023. If you and your law firm are looking for a high-quality website that will drive online traffic, convert leads and be attractive to potential clients – Civille is here to help.

Contact the Civille Team today for more information on our custom law firm websites, digital marketing and analytics services!

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