The 20 Best Family Law Firm Websites of 2023

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We live in a digital age and your online presence is more important than ever. Your website may be the first interaction that prospective clients have with your family law firm and it is important that your website leaves a lasting impression with online visitors. 

A high-quality custom website helps create an online relationship between prospective clients and your family law firm. A custom website design – like the law firm websites created by Civille – can provide a distinct advantage to you and your law firm. Family law firms in search of a website provider may find the perfect fit with Civille.

What Can a Custom Website Do for Your Family Law Firm?

Why do you need a new website? Are you looking for more interaction and leads from online clients? Do you want a website that puts more focus on SEO content? Do you want a custom website that will provide the information your clients need? Do you need a website that performs better on mobile platforms? Maybe you need a fresh look for your family law firm?

Here is a better look at a few advantages that a custom website design can provide for your family law website:

  • Attractive Website Design – A fresh and attractive design template will leave a great first impression with online visitors. 
  • Well-Developed Marketing Strategy – Who do you want to market your website to? A high-quality website will put important information for potential clients at the forefront of the website.
  • Easy-to-Navigate – Do you get frustrated with a website when you can’t find the information you need? An easy-to-navigate menu is a key element to any high-quality website.
  • Quality SEO Content – High-quality SEO content is an important element of your website that can help drive more online traffic to your family law firm. 
  • Responsive Website Design – Does your website work well on a desktop or mobile device? A high-quality website will perform well on any platform and website performance is a key ranking factor on Google.

We want to help you find the right website provider here at Civille and we know you might need additional inspiration. To provide you with inspiration for your law firm’s website, we have created a list of the Top 20 Best Family Law Firm Websites of 2023 that can help you find a website design that will fit your needs. 

When you decide on a brand-new website provider, it is important to check all the boxes. A technical audit will help you find website providers that create a quality product that is free of errors and Google PageSpeed Insights will help you find website providers that create fast, high-performance websites.

Check out our list of the best family law firm websites at Civille and find inspiration for your law firm!

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The 20 Best Family Law Firm Websites of 2023

1. YLAW Family Law Firm

Group of YLAW Attorneys in the Office with White Be Heard Text

Why We Like It

The YLAW Family Law Firm website features a primary image that is sure to draw the eye. It is creative – and a tad whimsical – sure to leave a great first impression. The easy-to-navigate menu and list of accolades make this website our favorite at Civille.

2. Elise Buie Family Law

Woman with Child and Landscape on White Background with Text

Why We Like It

The Elise Buie Family Law website may be in a tie for #1 on our list and it starts with the blended image at the top of the homepage. A simple menu at the top expands to provide potential clients with a wide range of services to choose from.

3. Cubillos Reed Law, PLLC

Cubillos Reed Law Homepage with Black and White Text and Black and White Photo of a City Skyline

Why We Like It

A classic, elegant black and white hero image of a New York skyline is underscored by a simple message that clients will love on the Cubillos Reed Law, PLLC custom website.

4. Horea Crisan Law

Black Background of Horea Crisan Law Homepage with Text

Why We Like It

Do you love simple and elegant? We do at Civille, and the Horea Crisan Law website features an elegant black background, an easy-to-navigate menu and scrolling images that set it apart from competitors.

5. A.C. Rieman Law

AC Rieman Law Homepage with Woman on White Background with Text

Why We Like It

The custom website used by A.C. Rieman Law – and created by Civille –  puts the attorney front and center in its design and the SEO content on the homepage has helped improve organic traffic to the website. Check out our case study for AC Rieman Law.

6. The Lincoln Law Firm, PLLC

Compass on Landscape Background with White and Gold Text

Why We Like It

The Lincoln Law Firm homepage features scrolling hero images with intuitive messaging that caught our eye when we compiled our list of the best family law firm websites. 

7. Levine Family Law Group  

Teal Background with White Levine Family Law Group Text and Practice Area Icons with Text

Why We Like It

This website design is simple and elegant with a beautiful white and teal color scheme that catches the eye – and with SEO content front and center to pair with links to practice areas, the website makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

8. Carvajal Law

Carvajal Law Homepage with People at a Table and Text

Why We Like It

The Carvajal Law website is headlined by an elegant hero image with a white color filter and links to important information and the law firm’s contact us page. 

9. Family Health Law

Family Health Law Homepage with White Background and Woman at a Desk

Why We Like It

We are in love with the all-white theme of the Family Health Law website and the scrolling images with a highlighting text feature add to the style of this website design.

10. Cuomo Law Firm

Tugboat on the Baltimore Waterfront with White Text and Cuomo Law Logo of Lady Justice

Why We Like It

The visuals of the Cuomo Law Firm website are incredible with a hero image of the Baltimore waterfront that will catch the eye and well-written SEO content provides the information and message that online visitors need. 

11. Axelrod Law Office

Gavel on Top of American Flag with Text on White Background

Why We Like It

The images on the Axelrod Law Office homepage will catch the eye – but our favorite aspect of this website design is the easy-to-use menu that will make it easy for visitors to find the right information right away.

12. Galbally & O’Bryan Law

Attorneys at a Desk Talking with Black Text on White Menu Bar

The Galbally & O’Bryan Law website employs a design template that is different than most with an elegant hero image and a menu located at the bottom of the page that expands as you scroll.

13. Denver Family Lawyers

Family Sitting by Mountain Lake with White Denver Family Law Text and Teal Buttons

Why We Like It

The homepage of the Denver Family Lawyers website is dominated by a beautiful image that puts family front and center. A simple and attractive menu with call-to-action buttons is an added highlight of this family law firm website.

14. Modern Law

Modern Law Attorneys in Black on Black Background with White Modern Law Text and Orange Menu Bar

Why We Like It

Modern Law features an elegant and modern website design that promises to leave an impression and inspire confidence in potential clients.

15. Columbia Family Law Group, LLC

Historic White Home and Trees as Background with White Text

Why We Like It

Like all of us at Civille – families in search of a family law firm will love the beautiful design of the Columbia Family Law Group website and a wealth of high-quality SEO content provides instant access to pertinent information.

16. The Branch Law Firm

Table in Office with Laptop and Black and Blue Text

Why We Like It

Highlights of the Branch Law Firm website include an easy-to-navigate menu, a beautiful homepage design and an incredible custom logo that we love here at Civille.

17. Roberts & Zatlin Family Law Firm

Landscape Image of California Vineyards with White Text and Red Accents

Why We Like It

A beautiful landscape image of the California wine country greets online visitors to this family law firm website and we love the on-page SEO content with quick links to practice areas.

18. Schoenberg Family Law Group, PC

Table in Conference Room with San Francisco Skyline out the Window with White and Orange Text

Why We Like It

The Schoenberg Family Law Group features a beautiful design that is highlighted by colorful images on the homepage and we love the dynamic image links to family law practice areas.

19. Zafiro Law

Black Text on White Background with Green Buttons and U.S. Immigration Forms

Why We Like It

We love the combination of SEO content and a patriotic hero image on the homepage when you click on this website and we know that many online visitors will love the easy-to-use menu.

20. McMichen, Cinami & Demps Orlando Divorce Lawyers

Orlando Waterfront Skyline with White Text and Black Legal Accolades Icons

Why We Like It

A banner that features the Orlando skyline immediately catches the eye on this website and the gallery of legal accolades will help inspire confidence in potential clients. 

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We hope that our list of the Top 20 Best Family Law Firm Websites of 2023 has helped inspire you to create your own custom website for your firm. Do you have any favorites? Did we miss any? Contact Civille today to learn more about our custom law firm websites and let us help you create a custom website for you and your law firm

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