The 25 Best Custom Law Firm Websites of 2023

best custom websites of 2023

When it comes to law firm website design, there are a lot of factors to consider. 

What impression do you want someone to have of your firm? In today’s digital world, that impression is much more likely to come from the first glance at the website than from your actual office building. 

Therefore, it’s vitally important to make sure your website – especially the homepage – gives off the look and feel that you want it to. 

In 2023, anyone can make you a website. But simply having a site isn’t enough. It needs to look good – and it needs to serve the purpose that you want it to serve. Is it a lead driver? Is it a knowledge hub in your niche area of law? Is it a place for clients to submit payments? Or is it all of the above and more? 

To help with your decision, we’ve developed a list of the 25 best custom law firm websites of 2023. But before you choose, a quick caveat. These sites all look great. But, make sure you do some technical auditing before you ask one of the associated companies to make you the same site. 

A quick indicator of success is a Google Pagespeed Insights test. If a site can look great AND score a high mobile page speed score, then you have a provider that can move the needle for you. And speaking of mobile, just because a site looks great on the desktop doesn’t mean it always transfers to mobile. Always think about the mobile experience!

More on the importance of page speed here. But on to the list!

The 25 Best Custom Law Firm Websites of 2023

1. Vela Wood

vela wood site

Why We Like It

The Vela Wood website incorporates a clean, high-end look and easy navigation, even incorporating video in a classy way. There are also client examples and resources within easy reach. 

2. The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard

bernard oui defense

Why We Like It

This website also incorporates video in a meaningful way, and has a plethora of information on what the firm does, and their experience. It gives a potential client confidence in the expertise of the firm. 

3. Robins Kaplan

robins kaplan site

Why We Like It

The Robins Kaplan site makes a strong statement from the start and encourages users to learn more, see case results, and learn about the firm. The callout of 85 years of experience also creates confidence. 

4. Bick Law LLP

bick law site

Why We Like It

Bick Law strikes a creative chord instantly with its unique use of photography in the hero image, although this becomes static on mobile. There are nice expandable menu items to help address the main selling points early.

5. Ardent Guardian

ardent guardian

Why We Like It

The fun use of elements and text throughout the Ardent Guardian site gives the user a feel that the firm can handle a complex project, as they are clearly thinking outside the box. That look and feel transfers cleanly to mobile. 

6. Griffith Barbee

griffith barbee

Why We Like It

The Griffith Barbee website gives the immediate feel of a high-end firm that knows the ins and outs of IP law. The content is clean and there are great interactive forms throughout the site, in addition, to chat. 

7. Ryan Law

ryan law

Why We Like It

Innovation is a clear messaging point for Ryan Law, and aside from the obvious “Innovative” text in the hero, the design elements look and feel different than many standard sites. Navigation is clean as is the use of colors. 

8. A. Burris Law

a burris law

Why We Like It

Ajia Burris is providing a premium service for entrepreneurs and creatives, and the clean design of her website gives confidence that she will deliver. Every site element is laid out strategically, and there is even an e-commerce contract shop.

9. Stanchieri Family Law

stanchieri site

Why We Like It

Stanchieri Family Law has a clear message of helping out families, and the serious nature of the design and images drives that home. The scroll is a very nice touch and works seamlessly on desktop and mobile. 

10. My Probase Case

my probate case

Why We Like It

There’s no question about what kind of service this brand provides. It’s very niche and to the point, which works. And the design is clean and makes it easy for someone to get started as well. 

11. Adams IP 

adams ip

Why We Like It

Intellectual property law is an emerging sector for law firms, and it’s a very specific and often high-tech client that is being pursued. Adams IP has a very clean look and feel, with nice features like expandable info sections that give it a tech feel.

12. Saxton Law Firm

saxton law firm

Why We Like It

People want attorneys that can just get things done. From the homepage image to the bold text – and the rest of the design – Saxton Law Firm gives potential clients confidence that they have someone on their side that means business. 

13. YLaw

ylaw site

Why We Like It

The YLaw site comes up a lot as an example of a law firm website that is unique. A lot of that can be attributed to the unique hero image, with the use of custom photography. They clearly care about brand image, which is important to potential clients. 

14. Alan Burton Newman

alan burton newman

Why We Like It

If you want to do something other than the “norm” for law firm website design, Alan Burton Newman is a great site to look at. While not everyone’s cup of tea, you immediately know this might not be the typical legal experience. 


jhpii site

Why We Like It

There’s something to be said for a simplified homepage sometimes. Law firm name, what they do, call to action. Again, this isn’t going to be the approach of choice for everyone, but it’s a strategy worth noting. 

16. BAS Lawyers

bas lawyers site

Why We Like It

Understanding your market and what speaks to them is essential in designing your website. BAS Lawyers is an example of going text-heavy for users that might be more apt to need to know the full value proposition right away. 

17. Hansen Reynolds

hansen reynolds site

Why We Like It

Personalized photos, interactive graphics, smart colors, and deliberate layout. The Hansen Reynolds website gives a soothing feel and flows just right as you navigate through to what they offer and where they are located. 

18. Modern Law

modern law site

Why We Like It

When your business name is Modern Law, you probably need a modern website. Luckily, the team here gets it and has a clean look, with unique photography and nice, diverse sections on the homepage. 

19. Kerkman & Dunn

kerkman and dunn site

Why We Like It

If you are a law firm that works primarily with larger corporations and businesses, it’s important to have a website design that is extremely buttoned up and professional. The Kerkman & Dunn site hits those marks perfectly. 

20. White & Case

white & case

Why We Like It

The White & Case website provides a simple, yet custom feel to put users at ease. It also has unique features like an attorney search bar that puts the potential client in the driver’s seat.

21. Foot Anstey

foot anstey

Why We Like It

Foot Anstey is a good example of placing the right colors and elements within a design to make a site flow from top to bottom. The firm provides a lot of different services but lays them out in a digestible way.

22. The Harris Law Firm

harris law firm

Why We Like It

The Harris Law Firm site provides a very clear directive of providing guidance and entices the user where to start with an obvious CTA. The use of imagery, colors, and elements is also a nice touch. 

23. KLC Law Firm

klc site

Why We Like It

KLC Law Firm markets itself as modern and dynamic, and that comes through pretty clearly in the site design, from the first hero image to the other interactive elements. 

24. Hamra Law Group

hamra law group

Why We Like It

Having a smaller firm in terms of attorneys on staff, but being located in New York City, Hamra Law Firm relies a lot on results and perception. The site gives off a big-city feel and provides confidence. 

25. McLeod Law

mcleod site

Why We Like It

McLeod Law is a great example of utilizing different photographic elements than your team or building to convey a message. The result is a unique look and feel that quickly resonates with the user. 

Our Best Custom Law Firm Websites List

Do you agree with our list of the best custom law firm websites? Did we miss any that you feel should be included? Let us know at info@getciville.com or contact us here

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