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The 20 Best Elder Law Firm Websites of 2024

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Did you know that there are more than 200,000 estate lawyers in the United States? Did you know that there are an estimated 10,000 elder law attorneys? In general – as the population of the United States becomes older, there is an increased need for lawyers and attorneys who specialize in elder law and can assist clients with legal issues that include estate planning, medicare, medicaid, social security, elder abuse, alzheimer’s healthcare, probate, and more.

Are you an estate lawyer or elder law attorney? Are you part of a law firm that specializes in elder law? It is important that you have a website that will attract potential clients and make a good first impression when they land on your website. There are a lot of factors that make a high-quality website – an attractive responsive design, simple navigation, quality on-page SEO, fresh and original content, prominent calls to action, and fast page speeds.

Civille is a custom website platform for law firms across the United States and we are here to help you create a winning website for your law firm. We want you to find the perfect website design for your law firm and want to provide you with the inspiration that you need with a list of the 20 Best Elder Law Firm Websites of 2024. When you explore this list of high-quality elder law firm websites, you will find beautiful designs, excellent on-page SEO content, and innovative features that make them stand out from competitors. 

Contact Civille today for more information on our law firm websites, digital marketing, and lead enhancement services!

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1. Mark Harford Law

Mark Harford Law Firm Website Homepage with City Skyline and Text

Why We Like It

Mark Harford Law is a Missouri law firm that practices estate, probate, conservatorship, and trust litigation law. This website features a bold design that is sure to make a great first impression with a black and orange color scheme paired with an attractive landscape image, a gorgeous homepage design, a clear message, and excellent on-page SEO content. If you need inspiration for your law firm website, Mark Harford Law is an excellent place to start.

2. Hagestad Law Group, PLLC

Hagestad Law Group Homepage with Statue Black and White Image and Text

Why We Like It

There is something beautiful and elegant about practicing law – and the Hagestad Law Group website exudes elegance at every point. A classic black and white image dominates the homepage and is complemented by an easy-to-navigate and well-organized menu with multiple call-to-action buttons that will help the law firm create leads. 

3. Dean & Fulkerson Law

Dean and Fulkerson Law Homepage with Forest Road Landscape and Text

Why We Like It

The Dean & Fulkerson Law website features a brilliant design that is highlighted by rotating homepage images that we love – each with its own message and overlaid with a green color scheme. The simplified menu is attractive and we love the law firm accolades annotated above the fold. 

4. Collins Law Firm

Collins Law Firm Homepage with Landscape and Text

Why We Like It

This elder law firm website sets itself apart with a beautiful landscape image on the homepage that is complemented by a black and blue color scheme. A clear message dominates the homepage and an easy-to-navigate menu and on-page SEO links provide easy access to valuable legal information.

5. L. Jennings Law

L. Jennings Law Homepage with Blue Background and Text with Capitol Building at Sunset

Why We Like It 

A prominent elder law firm in Little Rock, AR – L. Jennings Law has a beautiful website that is dominated by a sunset image of the Arkansas capitol building paired with an elegant blue background. In addition to the prominent hero image, the website features a law firm logo that stands apart from many competitors and an easy-to-navigate menu.

6. Klenk Law

Klenk Law Homepage with Legal Team and Text

Why We Like It

Klenk Law will attract potential clients with a bold website design that is headlined by rotating hero images and headlines that provide clear and concise messaging with prominent call-to-action buttons. Additional highlights that we love about this website include the Klenk Law logo and the image links to SEO content down the page. 

7. Losavio & DeJean, LLC

Losavio and DeJean Homepage with Capitol Building, Blue Background and Text

Why We Like It

When it comes to local branding, the Losavio & DeJean, LLC law firm website checks all the boxes. A brilliant, blue fleur de lis logo and a prominent image of the Louisiana state capitol building highlight The Louisiana Elder Law Firm and its local roots. Add the bold blue accents and text to the page and this website is simply beautiful.

8. Chicago Estate Lawyer

Chicago Estate Lawyer Homepage with Chicago City and Chicago River

Why We Like It

The Chicago Estate Lawyer website is one of our favorite elder law firm websites on this list and it starts with a beautiful image of the Chicago River and Chicago skyline punctuated by a clear and concise message. Another element we love about this website is the on-page SEO that includes a bullet point list of law firm accolades, practice areas, and more.

9. Bielski Chapman, LTD

Bielski and Chapman Homepage with Legal Team in Blue and Text

Why We Like It

When you choose a law firm, it is always nice to be able to put a face to the name on the header. The Bielski Chapman, LTD website does exactly that with a hero image of the legal team overlaid with a blue color filter and a clear and concise message to potential clients. The addition of image/icon links to practice area pages is an additional highlight. 

10. Law Firm of Jeffrey Burr

Law Firm of Jeffrey Burr Homepage with Family and Text

Why We Like It

We love SEO content here at Civille and the Law Firm of Jeffrey Burr website checks all the boxes with prominent image/icon links to practice area content. A prominent message and a family image are additional highlights of this beautiful website design. 

11. John Burns Estate and Elder Care Law, PLLC  

John Burns Law Homepage with Older Couple in Blue Filter

Why We Like It

The aquamarine blue theme of the John Burns Estate and Elder Care Law website promises to catch the eye of many potential clients and when coupled with an easy-to-navigate menu, a prominent message, and an artistic law firm logo this elder law firm website will stand out from many competitors.

12. Brune Law Firm

Brune Law Firm Homepage with Skyline at Sunset

Why We Like It 

A bold hero image will always help make a great first impression and the Brune Law Firm website will deliver with a sunset image of the Tulsa skyline. Additional elements of the Brune Law Firm website that we love include the law firm logo, the simplified menu with links to quality SEO content, an introduction to Attorney Kenneth Brune, and icon links to practice area pages.

13. Karp Law Firm

Karp Law Homepage with Legal Team at a Conference Table

Why We Like It

The Karp Law Firm website is different from many on this list in that it employs a sidebar menu with links to vital information and SEO content. We love the combination of the sidebar menu with an image of the legal team and a clear, concise message to potential clients. 

14. Hoffman, Walker & Knauf

Hoffman Walker and Knauf Homepage with Legal Team and Text

Why We Like It

Hoffman, Walker & Knauf is an estate planning law firm in Kentucky that features a custom website that puts the attorneys front and center on the homepage – putting faces to the names you see on the header. We love the clear message on the homepage, image links to practice area pages, the introduction video, and scrolling client testimonials.

15. MacMillan Estate Planning

MacMillan Estate Planning Homepage with Old House and Text Links

Why We Like It

A picturesque hero image of the MacMillan Estate Planning office with a beautiful gradient border and stand out call-to-action links set the bar high for this website design. Image links down the page are attractive additions and the menu is easy to navigate.

16. Estate Planning Law Group of Georgia

Estate Planning Law Group of Georgia Homepage with Older Couple and Text

Why We Like It

Family takes center stage on the Estate Planning Law Group of Georgia website with a beautiful, heartwarming hero image that is complemented by an attractive color scheme and clear messaging. The menu is easy to navigate with several categories that make it simple to find the information you need. 

17.  Legacy and Life Law Firm, LLC

Legacy and Life Law Firm Homepage with Blue Filter and Photo of a Building

Why We Like It

The Legacy and Life Law Firm website employs a serene blue theme with an eye-catching hero image that will attract potential clients. Prominent call-to-action buttons, a bold law firm logo, and an easy-to-navigate menu complete this website design.

18. Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C.

Nirenstein Horowitz and Associates Homepage with Multiple Landscape Images and Text

Why We Like It

The triple image employed by the Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates website catches the eye at first glance and helps provide location information for potential clients in the area. In addition to the attractive hero image, we love the downloadable estate planning worksheet on the homepage and the comprehensive menu with links to content.

19. Katy Wrona Law

Katy Wrona Law Homepage with Blue Background and Text

Why We Like It

The simplicity of the Katy Wrona Law website is one of the key elements that drew us to this website. Like an online studio apartment, this website has almost everything you need right on the homepage with on-page SEO content about practice areas, an introduction to the attorney, and an elegant abstract art background with bold text. The simplified menu has links to the blog and contact information.

20. Ettinger Law Firm

Ettinger Law Firm Homepage with Gallery of Legal Team

Why We Like It

The Ettinger Law Firm website puts the focus on the legal team with a gallery of the attorneys at the law firm as the primary image on the website. The easy-to-navigate menu and carousel of law firm accolades are additional highlights of this website design.

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If you need inspiration for your custom website – we hope that this list of The 20 Best Elder Law Firm Websites of 2024 will provide you with some fresh ideas that we can help make a reality. Contact the Civille Team today to learn more about our custom websites and services!

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