Navigate the Super Bowl Legal Zone: Advertising & More 

Navigate the Super Bowl Legal Zone: Advertising & More

Is your law firm dreaming of scoring a touchdown with your Super Bowl ad or social campaign?  Before you throw that Hail Mary pass, make sure you are mindful of the legal playing field.

NFL Trademarks: Off Limits Zone

The NFL fiercely guards its turf. Using “Super Bowl” or its logo without permission is a fumble. You can’t use the NFL logos or the term Super Bowl on any ads, unless of course, you’re an NFL partner. News organizations and religious groups get a free pass on this, but that’s it. 

Beyond Trademarks: Stay in Bounds

Respect copyrights too. Don’t borrow music, images, or even ad ideas without permission. Be honest in your claims – no “world’s best” without proof. Don’t mislead with confusing packaging or false info. And bait-and-switch tactics? Instant ejections!

Can I use the Super Bowl logo?

No way. It’s strictly NFL property. Even a tiny image is a copyright violation. Play it safe and create your own unique design.

Remember: This is just a quick huddle. For a complete game plan, consult a legal expert before your Super Bowl marketing blitz.

Utilize the Experts: Civille’s digital advertising and SEO team knows the right strings to pull to capitalize on your local SEO, especially when it comes to the big game. 

Stay legal, stay on the field, and score big with your Super Bowl campaign!

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