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civille success alerts

Return on investment. 

It’s a great feeling knowing something that you are involved in financially is providing a return. But what are the ways the companies you are engaged with are providing that peace of mind to you? 

civille roi reporting

At Civille, we have a full reporting platform that digs into the intricacies of every product and service you are enrolled in. Have a website, content marketing, and Google Business Profile management services with us? You will get a report that covers all of those items in depth, down to what keywords are ranking and where, and specifics on what kind of potential clients are finding you online. 

In addition to that, you get an Account Manager who is there for you at all times to answer questions, make changes, and provide a layer of consultative assistance to your web and marketing efforts. 

Introducing Civille Success Alerts

While we know that is already a lot more than other companies in the legal space provide, we are proud to be taking it a step further with our Civille Success Alerts. With this new release, you get live updates to your inbox on success metrics, as they happen. 

The first releases of this product are Traffic Alerts and Trending Pages Alerts. 

Traffic Alerts: With this custom alert, you will be notified when your new site reaches a new milestone in terms of inbound traffic. This is a great way to gauge how the site performs, as traffic acquisition is one of the main components of a website’s existence. And the live updates give you a feel for the frequency with which the traffic is picking up as your site grows.

These alerts are also fully customizable. If you have a brand new site, you may want to know when you reach your first 500 visitors. For an existing site with a lot of authority, you can set the thresholds much higher to better gauge growth. 

Trending Pages Alerts: The trending pages alert is a tool to gauge the success of your organic strategy. This notification will be sent to your inbox to alert you when certain pages are seeing spikes in traffic. This helps you understand the immediate impact of new content, seasonal content, and more. 

Understanding which pages are trending and when they are trending allows you to make quick judgments on organic strategy as you understand what is working in real time. You may want to capitalize on the current environment with another post that adds to your last one – or even add links to the trending post to get people to go to other pages as well. There are many possibilities for application. 

Civille Success Alerts: The Future

While we’re proud to be expanding our reporting platform with the first Civille Success Alerts, this is just the beginning. We will soon be layering in more helpful alerts to continue to allow our clients to have real-time data concerning their website and digital marketing. 

In addition, while our current reporting platform is robust, helping to break that down in a monthly recap email is also on the horizon. Think of some of the helpful, more digestible emails that you currently get now (Nest being an example). 

Have an idea for data that we could start sending through our Civille Success Alerts platform? We’re open to feedback as we continue to be a leader in the legal space with not only tech, but ROI reporting. We believe in our tools and have the results to match – but we know that having the data in front of you, the client, is the best way for us to prove it.

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