Google SGE for Law Firms: What You Need to Know

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and the way people find legal information is no exception. Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), currently in its early stages, promises to revolutionize how users access legal resources. This AI-powered tool presents condensed, AI-generated answers to legal queries, potentially bypassing traditional search results and impacting how potential clients find your law firm.

This article aims to equip law firms with the knowledge they need to navigate this emerging landscape. We’ll explore what SGE is, its potential impact on legal marketing, and actionable strategies law firms can implement to adapt and thrive.

What is Google SGE?

SGE is an experimental feature that utilizes AI to generate summaries and direct answers to search queries. When users enter a legal question, SGE might appear at the top of the search results, offering a concise response alongside links to relevant sources. This condensed information could significantly influence user behavior, potentially leading them to take the desired action without clicking through to individual websites.

Potential Impact of SGE on Law Firms

While SGE is still in its early stages, its potential impact on the legal industry is significant. Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Increased competition for visibility: With SGE potentially summarizing information directly, law firms may face challenges getting their websites seen by potential clients. Ranking high in traditional search results and optimizing content for SGE will be crucial.
  • Shifting user behavior: Users accustomed to receiving instant answers from SGE might not click through to websites as often, impacting lead generation strategies.
  • Demand for high-quality, concise content: SGE appears to favor well-structured, easy-to-understand content. Law firms that create clear, informative, and user-friendly content will stand out.
  • Focus on expertise and trust: While SGE can provide summaries, it cannot offer the personalized guidance and expertise of lawyers. Building trust and showcasing your firm’s unique value proposition will be essential.

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Adapting Your Law Firm Strategy for Google SGE

Given the potential impact of SGE, here are some actionable strategies law firms can implement:

  • Content optimization: Review existing content and create new content that is concise, well-structured, and answers frequently asked questions directly. Use clear language, short sentences, and bullet points for optimal readability.
  • Structured data implementation: Implement structured data markup on your website to help SGE understand your content accurately and potentially rank it higher.
  • Optimize for featured snippets: Featured snippets are short summaries displayed directly in search results. Aim to have your content appear in featured snippets for relevant legal queries.
  • Build trust and expertise: Focus on creating high-quality content that demonstrates your knowledge and experience. Publish articles, case studies, and thought leadership pieces that showcase your unique value proposition.
  • Personalize the experience: While SGE can provide summaries, it cannot offer personalized advice. Leverage technology and human interaction to create a personalized client experience that goes beyond what AI can offer.
  • Stay informed: Stay updated on the latest developments in SGE and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Google SGE Real-World Examples

Don’t be too alarmed – there’s good news here for search!

In many ways, the traditional SEO standards still apply to getting your law firm’s content found on Google. This is the best news. If you were already doing the right things and adhering to Google’s 2024 standards, the emergence of Google SGE shouldn’t change all that much – although it’s important to adapt to the nuances mentioned above.

For example, we’ve preached the importance of three core tenants for law firms to be successful in search. These include an optimized website, ongoing valuable content, and Google Business Profile optimization and management. While there is a lot more that goes into being successful in search that we help with, most boil down to something associated with one of these times. 

By enrolling in Google SGE, you can see the examples come through already. The fear that AI in search would strip away any value for businesses and provide only answers is unfounded. In fact, Google SGE pretty clearly sources the info, making it even more valuable for businesses. 

Google SGE Example 1 

google sge civille

Take a look at this search for “Best Solo Law Firm Websites.” Civille traditionally showed up first for this result. And with Google SGE, that is still the case, but Google even references Civille as an authority in their synopsis. 

Google SGE Example 2

google sge uncontested divorce virginia

In this search for “Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Virginia,” Google provides a brief sentence, then pulls information from the website and Google Business listing to provide the best results. The firms that have been doing quality SEO are shown as very attractive results. 

Google SGE Example 3

google sge construction injury

The search “How much does a construction accident attorney cost in Atlanta” has a more traditional feel to it, with Google pulling out what looks like a traditional featured snippet. But the caveat is that two firms are featured, with another firm, Steven Jones Injury Law, showing up as the first traditional result. In this example, there is more shared real estate than ever. 

Google SGE – Wrapping it Up

Google SGE presents both challenges and opportunities for law firms. By understanding its potential impact and implementing the strategies outlined above, law firms can navigate this changing landscape and continue to attract clients in the digital age. Remember, SGE is just one aspect of a comprehensive search strategy. Google is still holding to its core of providing the best results for the user. As long as you and your law firm SEO agency are adhering to the newest strategies, you’ll be fine. There are always opportunities for those who do things the right way.

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