How Long-Tail Content Can Improve Your Firm’s Site

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Content is King. The phrase coined by Bill Gates was intended to describe the future of the Internet and has become even more prevalent with content marketing strategies employed by countless companies across the globe. If you are a law firm looking to improve your online brand and draw more traffic to your website – SEO content may be the right choice for your law firm – but how can you set your content apart from competitors?

Long-tail content may be the answer to your question and we want to help here at Civille. Civille is a premier website provider for law firms across the United States and we provide a complete suite of digital marketing options – including SEO website content. Find out how long-tail content can improve your firm’s site and how Civille can help you reach your goals.

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What Are the Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords and Content?

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High-volume and high-traffic broad keywords are common and used by many SEO content writers for many websites – which means it is more competitive and harder to rank highly on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Long-tail keywords are more specific and more detailed, less common on related websites, and have a better chance to rank higher on SERPs. Long-tail keywords provide a more targeted SEO approach and can attract potential clients to your law firm’s website who are interested in the specific services provided by your firm.

  • A very basic example of a broad keyword that may be more difficult to rank for is attorney.
  • An example of a related long-tail keyword that you may be easier to rank for is small business attorney near me.

The key benefit to long-tail keywords is that they are easier to rank for than broad match keywords like attorney – but the benefits do not end there. There is an impressive list of benefits associated with long-tail keywords that can help your law firm improve its online presence and brand, attract more potential clients, and create more leads. Here is a better look at additional benefits of long-tail keywords for your law firm website.

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1. Cost-Effective Advertising

Content marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising most often fall under the same digital marketing umbrella of services and both allow you to target a specific audience. While long-tail keywords and content may not attract the same volume of online visitors as PPC advertising, many studies have shown that they bring in high-quality traffic that translates to more leads and potential clients for your law firm at a lower cost.

2. Targeted Traffic

With any SEO content, you want to attract as many potential clients as possible – but you also want to attract the right potential clients. Long-tail keywords provide a targeted strategy that allows you to focus on specific aspects of your law firm and reach online readers who are more likely to convert to clients – even if it is a smaller percentage of overall online traffic.

3.  Easy SEO Wins

Are you a personal injury law firm? Are you using content marketing on your website? Long-tail keywords may be able to provide you with some easy SEO wins. While you may find it difficult to rank for personal injury attorney – it may be easier to rank for a related keyword like personal injury attorney near Milwaukee, WI. The more easy wins you have under your belt, the easier it is for you to build your online brand.

4. Improved Conversion Rates

It is one thing to use SEO content to attract potential clients to your law firm’s website – but it is another thing to get those online visitors to convert and become clients. Long-tail keywords can be an incredible asset for your law firm with studies that have shown a 36% conversion rate for long-tail keywords compared to a 2.07% conversion rate for broader keywords.

5. Improve Rankings for Broader Keywords

Long-tail keywords are built on basic, broad keywords and they can work together to improve your rankings within Google Search. When you rank for multiple long-tail keywords and have success with that strategy, it has a positive impact on your domain authority and can lead to improved rankings for broader search terms.

6. Optimize Content for Local Results

If your law firm website can rank for broad search terms like personal injury attorney – that is incredible – but even if you do rank well for that broad keyword, the audience you are reaching may not even be in your area. Long-tail keywords allow you to optimize your content for local search results and target a local audience that is more likely to become a client of your law firm.

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Are you in the middle of planning a digital marketing strategy for your law firm? Do you plan to use SEO and content marketing to reach more potential clients? You may want to look at how long-tail content can improve your firm’s site – and we can help here at Civille.

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