20 Content Topics for VA Benefit Attorneys

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Content is King. No matter what type of business or website you have, content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key driver of your online success. Internet content helps potential customers and clients find your website, engage with your website, and submit leads – which leads to more business. This fact and the prevalence of online content makes it even more important that the content on your site is high quality and answers the questions your potential clients may have.

But where do you start? What content do you need to have on your website? Here at Civille – we are content fanatics that believe in the value provided by SEO content on your website. Informative and engaging blogs and landing pages help you establish your law firm as a trusted authority in the field of veteran and veteran disability law and build trust with potential clients.

Veteran-focused law firms that focus on veteran benefits, veteran disability, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can implement high-quality SEO content to inform and attract potential clients. VA benefits attorneys that want to maximize the impact of their content want to make sure they have the right content on their website and we can help at Civille. Here is a look at our Top 20 Content Topics for VA Benefit Attorneys to help get you and your content started.

20 Content Topics for VA Benefit Attorneys

Veteran and VA Disability Benefits 

  1. Will Veteran Disability Benefits Increase or Decrease? – Veterans who receive disability benefits want to know if their monetary benefits will change. With cost-of-living adjustments each year and changes at the Department of Veterans Affairs, this is a blog topic that can be re-visited each year and is highly searchable. 
  2. VA Disability Payments – With updates and changes to veteran benefits and veteran policies, potential veteran clients want to know if VA disability payments will change or what they can expect for a monthly disability payment and blogs posts that highlight increases or decreases in VA disability payments may be the perfect fit.
  3. VA Spouse Benefits – VA benefits attorneys understand that it is not just veterans that are impacted by disability benefits. Veteran spouses who care for disabled veterans may have questions about available benefits and blog posts that highlight surviving spouse benefits, VA benefits for spouses, and more can reach a different part of the same audience.
  4. How To Apply for VA Disability Benefits – This is a common question that many veterans will ask when they consider disability benefits and it is a question that VA benefits attorneys could and should help answer with informative and engaging content.
  5. Can I Get VA Disability Benefits? – This blog topic is versatile and informative. It can be a general topic that outlines who is eligible for VA disability benefits OR it can answer questions about VA disability benefits for a specific injury, illness, or medical condition like – Can I get VA disability benefits for PTSD?
  6. Eligibility for Disability Benefits – This content can be used to answer questions by potential clients about their eligibility for benefits in an informative and engaging way.

VA Disability Ratings

  1. Definition of VA Disability Rating – A blog post that defines what a VA disability rating is and how that rating impacts veterans will answer many preliminary questions for potential clients and is excellent content to link to in future blog posts.
  2. How To Get a VA Disability Rating – This blog post highlights the process it takes to receive a disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs and will help answer questions for veterans and reach veterans who may need the help of a VA benefits attorney.
  3. VA Disability Rating Calculator – Veteran disability payments are based on the disability rating and the marital and dependent status of the veteran. On-page SEO content that highlights keywords like VA Disability Rating Calculator, VA Disability Rating Chart, or VA Disability Rating Table will help veterans answer questions about expected payments.
  4. 100% VA Disability Rating – Content that focuses on 100% VA Disability Rating as a topic or keyword can answer multiple questions about what medical conditions qualify for 100% disability, how a disability rating can change as the medical condition changes, and more. 
  5. How Can I Increase My VA Disability Rating? – Veterans that receive a disability rating want to know if that rating can increase or decrease and content centered around that idea can bring potential clients to your website. Content ideas built around the increase or decrease of a disability rating include questions about how to increase a disability rating from one level to the next or if a disability rating changes as the medical condition changes. 
  6. VA Disability Rating for Injury, Illness, or Medical Condition – Blog posts that highlight VA disability rating keywords can answer questions about specific service-connected injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions like – VA Disability Ratings for Back Pain. 
Examples of Blog Previews from VA Benefits Attorneys Blog Website

VA Disability Claims

  1. File a VA Disability Claim – The first step for veterans to receive VA disability benefits is to submit a VA disability claim – which can be a complicated process – and VA benefits attorneys that highlight this topic with SEO content can answer many questions that potential clients may have.
  2. VA Disability Claim Status – Blog posts that highlight VA Disability Claim Status keywords provide information on how the process works, how long it may take to get results, and how veterans can check their disability claim status. 
  3. Appeal a Denied VA Disability Claim – Many veterans have their VA disability claims denied for a variety of reasons and when they are, many will turn to VA benefits attorneys for legal help and a blog post about how to appeal a denied disability claim can help answer questions about why the claim was denied and attract potential clients.

Veteran Injuries, Illnesses, and Medical Conditions

  1. Service-Connected Disability – This content can be used to define what service-connected means in relation to veteran injuries, illnesses, medical conditions, and disability.
  2. Most Common and Easiest – Blog posts that highlight the most common veteran injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions or the easiest service-connected injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions to claim provides information for potential clients about potential disability claims.
  3. What Injuries, Illnesses, and Medical Conditions Qualify for VA Disability? – Veterans with a diagnosed injury, illness, or medical condition want to know if their condition qualifies for VA disability and content built around this topic is informative and engaging.
  4. Presumptive Conditions – Not all veterans know about or understand how presumptive conditions work in association with the PACT Act and burn pits. Blog posts that center on this topic can be used to define the term and answer questions about it. 

VA Benefits Attorneys and Lawyers

  1. Why Hire a VA Benefits Attorney – Veterans may be on the fence about hiring a VA benefits attorney and content that highlights the why can help make your law firm more appealing to potential clients and convince them to submit a lead. Related blog topics can include Benefits of a VA Benefits Attorney OR How Can a VA Benefits Attorney Help? This content can answer a lot of questions about VA benefits attorneys and lawyers.

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Are you looking for ways to help more potential clients find your law firm website? Maybe you want to find more ways to engage potential clients online? High-quality SEO content may be the answer to your question and the Civille Team can help.

We hope that you can use this list of Top 20 Content Topics for VA Benefit Attorneys to help you get started with your content strategy. Contact Civille today for more information on our digital marketing services!

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