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AI content generation tools aren’t all bad. 

When leveraged properly, AI can make the job of creating content easier. AI tools like the immensely popular Chat GPT can be useful for the following: 

  • Topic Generation
  • Keyword Research
  • Title Optimization 
  • Search Intent Analysis

But when it comes to actually writing content – especially for your law firm website – AI can’t do the work for you. Not only is pasting AI content on your website expressly against Google’s guidelines, but it’s a bad user experience. 

It’s not difficult to see Google and other search engines cracking down on websites that have been stuffing their internal pages and blog posts with content spit out by machines. And it’s easy to see why. 

There needs to be a source of truth. 

Imagine searching for legal advice on personal injury law in Indianapolis, and the content that you find was written by AI. And worse yet, the AI scraped the content that it’s serving to you from another AI-generated post. You can see the vicious cycle of AI content forming. 

Why AI Content is Bad for Your Law Firm’s Site

Legal… Is Legal

Having AI write your law firm’s content creates unnecessary legal exposure for your law firm. Creating this risk by saving time or money on writing proper content is a troubling scenario.

Beyond pointing potential clients in the wrong direction, it creates a possible legal situation with your state or national entity by providing misleading legal information. 

Legal is Fluid

Currently, Chat GPT gets all of its information from a database that goes no further than 2021. Law and cases have almost certainly already evolved in your practice area. 

And while Google Bard promises a different learning model than Chat GPT, the information provided is only as good as what it is scraping it from. 

Legal is Detailed

Think about the amount of detail you need to put into legal documentation. Similarly, to provide valuable and accurate content, research and in-house knowledge are necessary. 

AI simply cannot account for the education from years of law school. A legal professional is going to be able to pull out information that is specific and nuanced to the topic that AI never will. 

Making Your Law Firm the Source of Truth

Resisting the urge to use an AI content tool to fill the pages of your law firm website is almost certainly going to pay dividends in the future. 

For one, if there is an algorithm change, your firm will be in a better position than anyone who has utilized AI to create content. Additionally, as search evolves, research-based systems like Google Bard will be pulling your content out and citing the source of this learned information. Being a trusted knowledge pillar in the search algorithm has the potential to pay off more than ever. 

If becoming the source of truth seems intriguing, but you still don’t have the resources to do content the right way, Civille has you covered. We have a network of legal writing staff that can provide legally-correct and SEO-optimized content for your law firm. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or join the conversation. 

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