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The Civille brand is growing. And along with growth, comes opportunity. 

Our team is excited to be a Pioneer sponsor at the year’s Clio Cloud Conference coming up Oct. 10-11 in Nashville. Civille will have a booth on the main floor at the show – and we’re ready to show off everything we have to offer, including some new Clio-specific tech. 

Website Tech at the Clio Cloud Conference

As always, we’ll be ready and willing to show off our website tech and capability to law firms that are looking to advance their digital presence. This includes: 

The proof of our digital solutions is clear, as we have helped numerous firms that were being underserved in the past. Check out a few of our case studies here

Websites That Integrate with Clio

We continue to work on our products and services at Civille. Just in time for the Clio Cloud Conference, we have some integrations ready to go that make going with Civille an easy decision for Clio customers. 

Civille + Clio Form/Chat Integration. If you are a Clio customer, there’s no reason that you are manually entering your form and chat leads into Clio.

With Civille websites, we integrate to map the fields that are collected into Clio, automating the new client data entry process. 

Civille + Clio Calendar Integrations. Website calendar tools haven’t traditionally worked very well with Clio – until now. We integrate with Clio Grow and Manage to sync calendars, create new matters, and more. 

Your legal tech should all work together. With Civille + Clio, it does. Come stop by our booth in the Orange Zone and see how it all can work.

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