What is Content Marketing?

what is content marketing

For the better part of 10 years, ‘content’ has emerged as an important tool to fortify, enhance, or grow your online presence. Chances are you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ at about every marketing conference you’ve been to. Of course, ‘content’ has been around for a lot longer than the web or even digital technology, for that matter. Nevertheless, content found new life ‘online’ and has permeated business in a big way.

So what is content? Well, that’s a whole piece of content in and of itself, but for the purposes of this article; simply put, content is words, images, videos, or designs, collectively or otherwise, which help convey a message to the viewer. A newspaper is a collection of content, primarily words in the form of articles, often with pictures. Youtube is a collection of videos (content). Facebook is an aggregator of content. Your website is content. The world wide web is just a myriad of interlinked content. You get it. 

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So what’s the point of content? To convey a message or provide entertainment. For instance, this very article is meant to help explain to you, ideally a legal professional or someone related to the industry, what content is and why it’s important. In the process, we hope to make you aware of our company and services. This blog serves as evidence of both our experience and expertise in providing legal digital marketing services to these readers through our services but also proves that we are willing to provide value, even for free. It’s working right now. If you’re reading this we’re already in your head. Inception. 

But seriously, great content can help drive awareness for your firm and company, it can compel someone to take action, like calling your law firm, it can inform your customer base and community about subjects your firm knows and cares about. 


Content provides value, by answering someone’s question, providing them with entertainment, or informing them about something they are unaware of. In return, you and your firm stand to benefit from the awareness and actions it can drive as a part of a cohesive marketing plan. 

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