Which States Have the Most Lawyers?

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Have you ever looked around and seen ads and billboards for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms in your area? Maybe you see them all over on your drive to work in the morning? At times, it can feel like there are law firms and lawyers everywhere – but exactly how many are there?

In the digital age – it always amazes us – how far your reach can be and Civille provides custom law firm websites for law firms located across the United States. We love to see where our clients and potential clients are from and we wanted to know – which states have the most lawyers? Here is what we found out about lawyers across the country!

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What State Has the Most Lawyers in the United States?

Did you know that there are more than 1.3 million lawyers in the United States? There are more than 420,000 law firms in the United States and the number of lawyers in the country continues to grow each year as more and more aspiring lawyers complete law school and pass the bar in their respective states. It is an attractive career – albeit a difficult one at times – that has an average median pay of $135,740 as of May 2022. 

When you look at the statistics for lawyers and law firms in the United States – there is a direct correlation between the population of the state and the number of lawyers employed in the state. States with larger urban populations – like New York, Texas, California, and Florida – have the most lawyers and law firms per capita in the United States. 

Washington D.C. – although it is not a state and is qualified as a district – has been deemed by many as the Lawyer Capital of the World. Due to the amount of government interests in Washington D.C. there are more lawyers per capita in the district than anywhere in the United States. An incredible 1 in 12 residents of Washington D.C. are lawyers.

Top 15 States with the Most Lawyers

  1. New York – 185,076
  2. California – 167,709
  3. Texas – 93,821
  4. Florida – 77,223
  5. Illinois – 62,720
  6. Pennsylvania – 49,087
  7. Massachusetts – 42,720
  8. Maryland – 40,800
  9. New Jersey – 40,137
  10. Ohio – 38,189
  11. Michigan – 35,453
  12. Georgia – 33,158
  13. District of Columbia – 28,011
  14. Washington – 26,701
  15. Minnesota – 26,065

Top 15 States with the Fewest Lawyers

  1. Wyoming – 1,692
  2. North Dakota – 1,696
  3. South Dakota – 1,985
  4. Vermont – 2,198
  5. Alaska – 2,340
  6. Delaware – 3,058
  7. Montana – 3,183
  8. New Hampshire – 3,495
  9. Maine – 3,985
  10. Idaho – 4,029
  11. Rhode Island – 4,071
  12. Hawaii – 4,184
  13. West Virginia – 4,770
  14. Nebraska – 5,546
  15. New Mexico – 5,612
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