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The Importance of Auditing Your Law Firm’s Website

Whether you believe it or not, your website is the face of your law firm.  Regardless of how you gain more leads or clients, the majority of people are going to your website first before they contact your firm. Or in many cases, before they DON’T contact your firm.  We’ve harped on the importance of… Read more


Your Website Isn’t Fine – It’s Costing Your Firm Money

The website isn’t secure. It loads slow. It breaks on mobile. The form doesn’t even work. It’s clear this law firm needs help. We call them up, excited to know we can make a real difference for their business. Then comes the immediate response.  “The website is fine. We have enough business already.” *Hangs up* … Read more


How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Inbound Lead Quality

If you’re a law firm struggling with low quality leads, especially those coming directly through your website or marketing efforts, you’re not alone. Many small law firms don’t have the resources to manage a large intake of inbound leads.  And even those that do have the resources, often spend a lot of time on those… Read more


10+ Steps to Secure Your Law Firm’s Website

Your law firm’s website is one of the most important online assets you have. For most of your clients and potential clients, it’s the first thing they experience when interacting with your brand and firm. In developing communication and trust, it’s crucial to not only have a good looking (and working) website, but one that is also secure for you and your visitors. Your design, page speed, content, and everything else is important for your firm’s success. But the root of your success starts with the #1 problem you may be overlooking–your law firm’s website security. Read more

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8 Things to Improve Page Speed for Your Law Firm Website

Page speed is pretty self-explanatory on the UX side. If a page on your law firm website takes a long time to load (especially on a mobile device), that can be a frustrating experience for the user. A faster website gets the information quicker to the user, increases page views, reduces bounce rate and increases conversions (phone calls and form leads). A slow website increases the likelihood of the user leaving your law firm website and going to a competitor law firm.  Read more

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