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Websites Every Law Firm Should be Listed On

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A high-quality website is just one step that you can take to help drive success for your business – but it is not the only one. The more people that find your website, the more potential clients you will have and listing your law firm website on online business directories and legal review websites can help you reach even more people online. Civille may be able to help point you in the right direction with a quick list of websites every law firm should be listed on.

Civille has the knowledge and experience that you need to help your law firm drive success online. We provide custom law firm websites that incorporate law firm SEO content and custom themes that promise to reach and attract potential clients. With the addition of digital marketing, analytics, and lead enhancement services, the Civille Team can help your law firm succeed online.

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Top 10 Websites to Promote Your Law Firm On

When potential clients search for law firm practice areas in their city, like – personal injury attorney in Chicago – online website directories are almost always among the top search results and they provide an additional way for potential clients to reach your site. With these sites and directories, if you do not list your law firm, you cannot be found – but which websites should you promote your law firm on? This quick list of the top options may help get you started.

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1. Google Business Profile

The number one way for you to promote your law firm is with a Google Business Profile. A complete Google Business Profile will highlight your services and practice areas, your location, your contact information, and more – and it is prioritized over many online directories. With local SEO integrated into your website and a complete Google Business Profile you can be found via searches like lawyer near me.

2. Yelp

Yelp is most well known for customer reviews – but provides an additional avenue for potential clients to find your law firm. Potential clients that search law-related keywords will often find Yelp Top 10 Lists at the top of the search results and it is important that your law firm be on that list to increase its visibility.

3. FindLaw

First and foremost – FindLaw is an online directory for law firms that also provides people with a library of legal information to help answer questions. FindLaw integrates with additional legal directories like LawInfo and SuperLawyers and provides a place for clients to leave reviews, making it even more important for you to create a profile on FindLaw.

4. Avvo

Avvo is an online directory that is dedicated to lawyers and can be found on top of the search results for many client searches. Individual lawyers from your firm can create profiles on the platform for free and clients can rate their experiences with your law firm and your legal team.

5. Justia Lawyer Directory

Justia is an online lawyer directory that provides lists of available attorneys based on their practice areas. Law firm and attorney profiles are free to create on Justia and have provided another avenue for potential clients to find your law firm or practice in their area.

6. Bing Places

While the Bing search engine may not get as much use as Google, it is important to cover all of your bases to maximize visibility to potential clients. Bing Places works in a similar fashion to a Google Business Profile and provides a prominent online display for your law firm.

7. Better Business Bureau

A law firm profile on the Better Business Bureau website can be a driving force behind your success. Many businesses look at the Better Business Bureau as an online complaint department, but many people look to this website to find trustworthy businesses, companies, and law firms to work with.

8. Facebook Business Page

We all know and love Facebook as a place to see photos of friends and family, watch fun reels, and comment on hilarious memes – but it is a good place to kickstart your social media marketing. Law firms that create a Facebook Business Page can interact with potential clients and build a positive brand on the platform.

9. YellowPages

We know, the YellowPages may seem like a thing of the past – but we don’t mean an actual phonebook. The online YellowPages website and mobile application provide a convenient location for you to reach potential clients and establish your contact information.

10. NOLO

NOLO is an incredible resource for legal content and many potential clients visit this site to get answers to their legal questions, but that is just one part of how NOLO can help potential clients. Law firms can create lawyer listings on NOLO that are categorized by practice area and location to help the clients that need help find the right law firm.

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Are you looking for quick and easy ways to improve the online visibility of your law firm? Online law directories and legal review websites may be the perfect place to start. We hope that this list of websites every law firm should be listed on created by the Civille Team will help get you started. 

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