Best Social Media Topics for Lawyers

Best Social Media Topics for Lawyers

Are you a lawyer or do you represent a law firm? Then we hope you are working on your social media feeds. Having a great social media strategy is going to be a significant boon to your law firm’s business but what are the best social media topics for lawyers? Luckily, Civille can help!

Build Social Media Channels Around Themes

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Obviously, most if not all of your social media posts will have a legal theme associated with them, but it will make your life easier and your feeds more coherent if you build additional themes that can run throughout your feeds.

You can think of these themes as recurring elements that you can mix into your feed. You’ll see it on many business feeds—even Civille. Some posts will pop up on specific days of the week, others will just occur routinely to highlight some aspect of business or ongoing initiatives. One that we have done at Civile is Weird Law Wednesday. It’s fun, engaging, and light making it a great way to break up content highlights, knowledge drops, and more. Let’s go through a few ideas that you should be doing.


Everyone loves hearing from satisfied clients. With a little extra time, you can turn their kind words into relevant social posts. If you are comfortable with tagging your clients—might be a good idea to ask permission—then you can get an extra level of engagement.

People Highlights

Most law firms have at least a few people that make them tick. From attorneys to paralegals and even other positions like investigators, human resources, or the office dog. You can highlight all these people and more, and it gives past clients a good chance to engage. You probably already have lawyer bios to draw from.

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How many legal questions do you get in a day? We’re sure there are a few that you hear time and time again, but that’s a good thing. These questions are areas where your firm might find engagement online. Post questions and answers on your social media often.

Practice Areas

Most firms have multiple practice areas. Make sure you are speaking to them, providing information on relevant topics, and continually letting people know what you do and how you can help.


Do you host events? Are you going to do a webinar? Are you featured in a news story? All of these are great things to highlight on your social media feed. This is not just a great way to drive engagement, it’s also a great way to get people involved in the things you have going on at your firm.


You celebrate holidays, your clients celebrate holidays, and often on those holidays, they scroll through their social feeds. No need to make it pitchy or sales related, just wish your followers a happy holiday. 


Here’s your chance to get personal about your own life, or even just about the day-to-day operation of your business. Does your team enjoy a coffee break in the morning together? Do you go on outings, what about your Christmas party? Highlight it on social media to help make your firm more personable.

Big News

Legal is a space that’s lucky enough to have big news, sometimes even news that captures the nation. Obviously, no one is going to come to your social feed for the latest updates from a trial or high-level case, but they may be interested in your opinions, hot takes, and insights.

Something All Your Own

When we build a new social media strategy for a client, we always look for something entirely unique that can be highlighted. Perhaps a novel legal product, a different business philosophy, or even a unique personality. These can all be turned into post ideas with recurring themes.

Why is Recurring Content Good for Social Feeds

On your website, once you create a page, it exists always for you to direct traffic to. The same is true for your social media feed, but—except for those deep divers and social media stalkers—no one is going to find those old posts. You may have done a whole series on your estate planning services, but if that’s a cornerstone of your firm, then it needs to continually be at the top of your feed in one form or another.

Does Recurring Mean Copying?

Never. A good social media feed should include many unique posts, and no duplicate content or posts. Duplicates don’t help you as much as unique posts. This is why it’s important to revisit themes and ideas but with new perspectives, new goals, new content, and new imagery. Some elements of your imagery can recur, and the same posts can be cross-posted to multiple feeds—with tweaks to format as needed—but every post should be unique to the feed.

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How Often Should You Be Posting?

Generally, a good cadence to follow is a posting schedule of 2-3 times per week per feed. You can post more or less, but the important thing is to keep posting. A dead feed, even one that’s only been dead for a month, can send the wrong message to potential clients. They may think you are closed or even that something is wrong with your business. It also means they may not trust other information on your social pages such as hours or location. Routine updates inspire confidence in your page and in your business.

Can You Post Too Much?

It isn’t going to hurt your page to post several times a day, but it will give you diminishing returns on your effort. The faster you run stuff down your own feed, the less chance you will give those posts to rank and earn people’s attention. Your time is valuable, if you have good ideas, space them out and let them breathe.

Does Social Media Matter to a Law Firm?

Maybe we should have answered this question first but of course social media matters to a law firm. It no longer matters what age group you are talking about or what demographic, nearly everyone engages with social media, and if done right, it can be an effective way to spread the word about your business.

What Social Media Platforms Matter?

It can vary depending on your practice area, but generally Facebook, and by extension, Instagram are a great start. Depending on your practice LinkedIn may also be a good place to engage your clients. If you are ready to take the dive into TikTok we recommend that too. Twitter is a different animal, but worth considering for larger firms that have national reach.

Facebook and Instagram Reach Metrics

In the end, the best way to start your social content is just to start it. Get going using some of the ideas we’ve provided here, and watch your numbers to gauge the success of ideas and strategy. It will be slow at first, but you have to take some first steps before you can find success.

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