Sites to Fall in Love With: A Valentine’s Website Launch Review

websites to fall in love with

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by exploring some enchanting websites that are sure to make your heart skip a beat? 

We love what we do at Civille, and part of that passion is providing top-tier websites for the legal space. Instead of singling out one site over the other, much of this review includes unique areas of law or website components in the hopes that it might spark some creativity for your firm. 

Sites to Fall in Love With

The CYA Law Firm

the cya law firm

Why We Love It

Anyone who can use CYA in their firm name instantly makes the list. Civille was tasked with making a website as unique as the brand, and we succeeded. We also were able to integrate with the firm’s Clio tools to make life easier at the firm as well.

Mark Harford Law

Mark Harford Law

Why We Love It

We have a certain affection for clients who have a passion for the area they work in and want to highlight it throughout the site. From custom design to unique local SEO content marketing work, Mark Harford Law has a lot of love to give to Missouri.

Liberty Law, P.C.

liberty law pc

Why We Love It 

Liberty Law allowed us to redo their logo and start from the ground up on new branding and materials, fonts, and more. The result is a site that is very strong and conveys the brand authority that was desired, in addition to an organic and paid marketing plan. 

Hollingsworth, PLLC

Hollingsworth PLLC

Why We Love It

Mike Hollingsworth is family-oriented. From his own family to the individuals he helps, he wanted to lead with what he’s passionate about. The liberties we were able to take from a design standpoint made this a unique site. 

Hoffman, Walker & Knauf

Hoffman Walker Knauf

Why We Love It

This client came to Civille with an outline of needs, and asked us to provide them with a site and marketing plan that matched them, in addition to integrating with their Clio intake tools. We love clients who know what they want and allow us the freedom to get it for them. 

29th and Law PC

29th and Law

Why We Love It

Attorney Nikki Kaasa is a former National Champion hockey player who started her own firm and needed it all – logo, site, marketing. She trusted Civille to make it happen for her, with great results, including seamlessly integrating with her Clio tools.

Brassel Law

brassel law

Why We Love It

When new areas of law emerge, there is great opportunity for those who take advantage and turn it into a business. Attorney Alandis Brassel works with entertainers and entrepreneurs – and knew he needed a unique website company to let his brand stand out. In addition to an integrated calendar booking system

Attolles Law S.C.

attolles law

Why We Love It

Attolles Law is not just another law firm – they are a hand-picked collective of attorneys that work in the unique space of helping schools and county governments – among other areas. A template website wasn’t going to cut it, and we loved making them something special. 

Herrera Clifton Hess

herrera clifton hess

Why We Love It

This firm needed something new – they were stuck with a provider that didn’t love them back. Civille came through with a great-looking site, in addition to paid advertising, call tracking, our review tool and more. 

Kerkman & Dunn

kerkman and dunn

Why We Love It

Kerkman & Dunn understands the importance of getting a good case. That’s why they wanted our custom law forms and chat that allow only the best leads to get through to their intake team. And the design is stand-out as well. 

We’d love to highlight all of our clients on this list – because the love is real. Having a firm put their trust in your company is something we don’t take lightly. But we chose to keep the list to 10 – which proved to be a tough task. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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