What content should I create?

what content should i create

Getting started is the hardest part. It’s easy to overthink what to create. The easiest way to get started is to: think like your customer/prospect. Heck, you can even ask them directly. Most of marketing is understanding your customers enough to effectively communicate with them. 

  1. What does your team know about your industry that would be valuable to your customers? Short of proprietary company or product information – now is the time to be generous. 
  1. Is there information about the community (local or fragmented) that would be helpful to share? Whether you’re in legal, automotive, or makeup – there’s a community that would love your perspective. 
  1. Are there creative or inventive ways to use your service/product that you can highlight? (bonus points if you include your customers doing this as an example)
  1. Do you have employees with unique perspectives or even talents that are worth showing to the world?

Anything that can add value to someone’s day is worth considering sharing.

Here’s an example: When I decided to write this piece, it was based on the average law firm/attorney. In talking with numerous customers in this industry, it became obvious that marketing and growing their practice was not a prerequisite to taking the bar and hanging their shingle. 

Whether the prospects decide to do business with us or not, we’re providing value. It may inspire an attorney to start creating their own content. It might influence them to talk to their current digital marketing firm about content.  We’ve created awareness. We might even convince someone to CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. 

At worst it’s a long-term strategy. At best it’s good karma. Did they teach about the law of attraction in law school? 

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