Why Create Content?

why create content

Every website needs some form of content. But why take the time to create content for your brand?

The short answer: to provide value/answers to your clients. You know they have questions. Think about the phone calls you get asking about what to expect in the process, the time it takes to get somebody comfortable with your firm and their case, and the law. It’s a lot, and it can be expedited with an online presence that not only eliminates redundant questions but drives MORE traffic to your website.

But what’s in it for you? In other words, is the juice worth the squeeze for your law firm? To know that, you need to understand the value of content to you, and ideally how to measure the value of the content – and your website overall. 

While your law firm may not operate as a traditional business, the rules of marketing still apply. The easiest way to talk through is to reference the classic marketing framework of AIDA. Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. 

Awareness – the first stage of the client’s journey. A customer/prospect can’t sign with you if they’re never heard of you or your firm, attorneys, practice area or at least brand. How can you get in front of them? Please don’t say billboard.

Interest – now that your PNC knows of your presence. Who are you? What do you do? This is your chance to plant the seed. What is it that you offer? 

Desire – WHY should I buy from / work with you? What’s in it for me as a client? What are the benefits? Why should I get it from YOU? Do you do it better?

Action – How can your customer/prospect get started? IT doesn’t have to be a ‘buy it now’ situation. There can be micro-actions that get things rolling like downloading a brochure/white paper, starting a chat, or making a phone call.

We work with many law firms that, after building out a content-rich site, get leads that start like this: 

I came across your services and I like what your firm offers…

So, long story short, you create content to help your customers because helping your customers helps you and your business grow. 

Have more questions about content? Ask us.

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