How Should I Name My Law Firm?

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Are you ready to set out on your own and blaze your own legal trail as an attorney? What should your first step be? You may be asking – how should I name my law firm? We may be able to help you find the perfect name for your law firm with this quick overview on law firm names created by Civille.

Should You Use a Brand Name or Your Name for a Law Firm?

When you decide to start your own law firm and it is time to choose a name, there are two standard options – choose a brand name or use your own name. Traditional law firms will incorporate your name and the name of your legal partners in the name of the law firm. A branded law firm will use more generic names like victory, cornerstone, trust, crusade, council and more that can help convey a special meaning to potential clients.

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Each naming strategy has its own pros and cons that are important for you to consider. When you use your name, it provides instant recognition for those in your own community, but can be complicated if your law firm has multiple partners that all want recognition. Brand names for a law firm can convey special meaning to potential clients and even illustrate your legal specialties, but there is potential for confusion with other businesses. 

Here is a better look at pros and cons for each law firm naming convention provided by Civille.

Pros and Cons of Using Your Name for a Law Firm

Law firms who choose the more traditional route can incorporate their name and the names of their partners within the name of the law firm. There are undoubtedly pros and cons to whichever naming convention you choose – here are advantages and disadvantages of a traditional name for your law firm.

Pros of Traditional Law Firm Names

  • Your name is easy to use, unique and easy to remember for potential clients.
  • Is more recognizable to potential clients in your local community and can help create more business opportunities. 
  • Creates a more personal connection with your clients.
  • Allows you to create your own brand and reputation that is built on your own name.
  • Low chance that your name and the names of your partners are used by another law firm or company.

Cons of Traditional Law Firm Names

  • Name combinations may be humorous or awkward if not well thought out.
  • May cause contention between you and partners in terms of whose name comes first in the name of your law firm.
  • Potential clients may not know what type of law you specialize in by the name of your law firm.
  • Potential clients may see naming your law firm after yourself as conceited or egotistical.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Brand Name for a Law Firm

Victory Law Firm says a lot about your law firm and conveys a drive and desire to win cases to potential clients – which can prove to be an asset when it comes to generating business. With that said, there are pros and cons to using a trade name or a brand name for your law firm. Here is a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of a brand name for your firm.

Pros of Branded Law Firm Names

  • The name of your law firm can instantly convey your practice areas and legal areas of expertise to potential clients more than traditional law firm names.
  • Your law firm name has more potential to become a go-to firm in that practice area with a brand name.
  • Is a more creative naming convention than the simple tradition of using your name.
  • Does not seem egotistical, narcissistic or conceited to potential clients.

Cons of Branded Law Firm Names

  • A law firm with multiple partners and multiple practice areas may find it difficult to create a brand name for the law firm.
  • Brand names create no personal connection with potential clients and may just be too general to keep clients informed.
  • A brand name that is too specific may incorrectly categorize your law firm and create an unintentional reputation that may be difficult to combat.

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Attorneys who are ready to start their own law firm want to know – how should I name my law firm? We can help with this overview of the pros and cons of traditional law firm names vs branded law firm names. Contact the Civille Team today for more information on our law firm websites and digital marketing services!

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